• The Risks of Prescription Drugs
  • Disaster and the Politics of Intervention
  • Bailouts
  • Health at Risk
  • Laid Off, Laid Low
  • Pensions, Social Security, and the Privatization of Risk

Privatization of Risk Book Series

Edited by Craig Calhoun and Jacob S. Hacker

Decades of aggressive privatization have shifted the burden of risk from government and institutions to individuals and families. As a result, many Americans now find themselves unable to cope with the financial strains of finding and keeping a job, managing health care and prescription drug costs, recovering from natural disasters and emergencies, preparing for retirement and old age, and sustaining their wealth and investments. In their new book series, the Social Science Research Council and Columbia University Press confront these developments and offer fresh solutions to the problems caused by the privatization of risk in America. Drawing on the expertise of dozens of America's leading social scientists, these books are a "must read" for policy specialists and concerned citizens alike.

The book series is a product of the SSRC's Privatization of Risk Project, which is funded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation.

"As these essays show, we can rise above our nation's legacy of failure on health reform and get the job done."

-Ted Kennedy on Health at Risk

Recent Events

Book Series Launch

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"Understanding and Addressing the Privatization of Risk: A Conversation with Craig Calhoun and Jacob S. Hacker." New America Foundation, April 30, 2009. Go to event summary.


"Pensions, Social Security, and the Privatization of Risk," with Mitchell Orenstein, Gary Burtless, and Teresa Ghilarducci, moderated by Jeff Madrick. Brookings Institution, March 27, 2009.
Download event transcript (PDF: 160KB, 78 pp).