Title VIII Fellows

With funding from the Department of State Title VIII Program, the SSRC Eurasia Program is pleased to offer multiple fellowship opportunities for Eurasian studies scholars. Our 2012-2013 cohort is made up of 20 fellows: 6 Pre-Dissertation, 10 Dissertation Development, and 4 Post-Doctoral Research Fellows. These fellows cover the disciplines of anthropology, economics, history, political science, and sociology.

The SSRC has provided support to almost 400 scholars since the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 with support from the U.S. Department of State’s Title VIII program. On this page you can find more information about this year’s fellows. You can also access detailed information on the 2009 SSRC Eurasia Fellows, detailed alumni profiles, and a searchable database of SSRC Eurasia Program Alumni.

Pre-Dissertation Award Fellows

Brinton Ahlin, Anthropology, New York University
Project Title: Impact of Hospitality on Post-Soviet Economic and Political Formations in Tajikistan
Location of Research: Tajikistan
Julian Gantt, Anthropology, City University of New York Graduate Center
Project Title: Islamic Pious Endowments in Azerbaijan: A Case Study in the Transformation of Property Relations and Ethical Communities
Location of Research: Azerbaijan
Irina Levin, Anthropology, New York University
Project Title: The Long Journey Home: Citizenship, Property, and Legal Culture in the Caucasus
Location of Research: Georgia
Hannah Reiss, Anthropology, University of California Los Angeles
Project Title: Social Contexts of Treatment and Care: Tuberculosis in New Tajikistan
Location of Research: Tajikistan
Igor Rubinov, Anthropology, Princeton University
Project Title: Post-Soviet Migration: Remaking National Identities, Financing National Economies
Location of Research: Tajikistan
David Szakonyi, Political Science, Columbia University
Project Title: Owning Up: State Interventions in the Economies of Post-Soviet Autocracies
Location of Research: Russia and Kazakhstan

Dissertation Development Award Fellows

Tatiana Chudakova, Anthropology, University of Chicago
Project Title: Recovering Health: Tibetan Medicine and Biomcosmopolitics in Russia
Krista Goff, History, University of Michigan
Project Title: What Makes a People? Nationality Policies and Soviet Structures, 1945-1968
Masha Kirasirova, History, New York University
Project Title: The Eastern International: Soviet-Arab Exchanges from the Interwar Period to the Cold War
Nicole Butkovich Kraus, Sociology, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Project Title: Constructing Xenophobia: Geography, Gender, and Generation of Nation
Anna Lowry, Political Science, Indiana University
Project Title: Between Developmentalism and Patrimonialism: Exploring the Causes of Nationalization in Russia
Hassan Malik, History, Harvard University
Project Title: Bankers and Bolsheviks: ‘Emerging Market’ Investors in Russia, 1880-1903
Anne O'Donnell, History, Princeton University
Project Title: A Noah's Ark: Moving to Moscow, Material Life, and Information in Revolutionary Russia, 1916-1924
Alina Polyakova, Sociology, University of California Berkeley
Project Title: Organizing Radicalism in Civil Society: Why Radical Right Parties Succeed or Fail in Post-Communist New Democracies
Benjamin Raiklin, History, University of Wisconsin - Madison
Project Title: Towards a ‘Cult” of the World War II Newsreel, Documentary, and Cameraman: The Development and Meaning(s) of Stalinist Documentary Filmmaking Practices
Magdalena Stawkowski, Anthropology, University of Colorado - Boulder
Project Title: Radioactive Knowledge: State Control of Scientific Information in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan

Post-Doctoral Research Award Fellows

Ina Ganguli, Assistant Professor of Economics, Stockholm Institute of Economics
Project Title: Science and Innovation Across Borders: Consequences of the Russian Brain Drain
Ora John Reuter, Skalny Center Post-Doctoral Fellow, University of Rochester
Project Title: Elite Mobility and Authoritarian Institutions in Post-Soviet Russia
Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock, Assistant Professor of History, Wesleyan University
Project Title: A Sacred Space is Never Empty: Scientific Atheism, Socialist Rituals, and the Soviet Way of Life (1954-1991)
Mustafa Tuna, Assistant Professor of History, Duke University
Project Title: Imperial Russia’s Muslims: Islam, Empire, and European Modernity in the Volga-Ural Heartland