SSRC Pre-Dissertation Fellow Hannah Reiss

Social Contexts of Treatment and Care: Tuberculosis in New Tajikistan

Anthropology, University of California - Los Angeles

Location of Research: Tajikistan

Project Description
Tajikistan has one of the highest incidence rates of tuberculosis infection in Europe and Eurasia with high frequencies of treatment failure, default and death. Furthermore, conditions of poverty and inequality intensify the burden of illness for patients and their caregivers. Factors driving this epidemic are seasonal male labor migration to Russia; a health care system transitioning to a free market, capitalist model; the dismantling of social safety nets; and increasing HIV/AIDS infection. My research this summer will explore how these factors interact to impact the health and well-being of patients and their families in Central Asia.

Hannah Reiss is a Ph.D. student at UCLA where she studies medical and linguistic anthropology. She has studied Tajik in Samarkand, Uzbekistan and Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Her research explores the social contexts of treatment and care for tuberculosis patients and their families in Tajikistan. She is interested in how social forces, conditions, practices, and understandings promote or impede treatment as patients and their families navigate illness and therapy.

Policy Brief:
Social Contexts of Treatment and Care: Tuberculosis in New Tajikistan [.pdf, 115kb]
Policy Brief #2013-02