SSRC Eurasia Program Policy Brief Series

The SSRC Eurasia Program Policy Brief Series is a collection of short analysis papers highlighting the work of SSRC alumni and making their Title VIII funded research on Eurasia available to a larger audience.

All briefs in the series have been anonymously reviewed. We welcome submissions to the Policy Briefs Series from all SSRC alumni and Fellows at

Implications of Hospitality Customs for Labor Migration Policy in Tajikistan [.pdf, 137kb]

Policy Brief #2013-01
Brinton Ahlin, 2012 Pre-Dissertation Award Fellow

Social Contexts of Treatment and Care: Tuberculosis in New Tajikistan [.pdf, 115kb]

Policy Brief #2013-02
Hannah Reiss, 2012 Pre-Dissertation Award Fellow

Post-Soviet Migration: Remaking National Identities, Financing National Economies [.pdf, 136kb]

Policy Brief #2013-03
Igor Rubinov, 2012 Pre-Dissertation Award Fellow

Privatization and Nationalization in the Post-Soviet Region: How Changes in State Ownership Affect Domestic Politics and Regime Stability [.pdf, 131kb]

Policy Brief #2013-04
David Szakonyi, 2012 Pre-Dissertation Award Fellow

Implications of Shrines for Rural Development in Azerbaijan [.pdf, 117kb]

Policy Brief #2013-05
Julian Gantt, 2012 Pre-Dissertation Award Fellow