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June 12th 2013

Quantitative Methods Webinar Series: Grantwriting to Support Quantitative Research in Eurasian Contexts

SSRC Eurasia Program Webinar Series: Issues in Quantitative Methods in Eurasian Studies

The SSRC Eurasia Program is pleased to announce the fourth installment in our Webinar Series on Issues in Quantitative Methods in Eurasia Studies:

June 12, 2013

3:30PM EDT

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Grantwriting to Support Quantitative Research in Eurasian Contexts

This webinar will recommend strategies for writing effective proposals, and also review potential funding sources. Topics to be covered include the following: 

  • Identifying potential funding sources
  • Types of grant support: for collecting new surveys, adding on to existing surveys, and/or analysis of existing surveys
  • Writing about research design: sampling, measures, models, quality control, analytical techniques
  • Estimating timelines and costs
  • Tailoring proposal to audience: explaining quantitative approaches to interdisciplinary and non-quantitative  audiences; justifying Eurasian context to non-area-studies audiences

The webinar instructor, Jane Zavisca, is a sociologist at the University of Arizona who has won multiple nationally-competitive awards to support both quantitative and qualitative research in Eurasia, including support from NSF, SSRC, NCEEER, and Fulbright-Hays. She has also advised multiple graduate students on successful grant applications.  Professor Zavisca is currently fielding a large survey of housing in Russia (in collaboration with Ted Gerber of the University of Wisconsin). They have also just been awarded a large grant to conduct a related comparative survey in four countries in Eurasia.



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