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February 27th 2014
Bangladesh (New York)
CPPF organized a meeting to analyze the political, economic, and human rights situation in Bangladesh after the January 2014 elections.
June 14th 2013
Women’s Political Participation in Asia and Pacific (New York)
CPPF convened a meeting on women’s political participation in Asia and the Pacific inspired by a CPPF commissioned paper on gender in Asia and the Pacific by Jacqui True and her team. The meeting drew on three main themes: women’s political participation; women’s participation in public life; and recommendations for the UN to enhance its role in supporting women in the region.
February 4th 2013
Electoral Systems in Myanmar (Paper)
CPPF commissioned a paper on the “Shifting to a Proportional Representation Electoral System in Myanmar?” by Richard Horsey.
January 31st 2013
Women's Political Participation in Asia and the Pacific (Paper)
CPPF commissioned a paper by Professor Jacqui True, Dr. Sara Niner, Dr. Swati Parashar (Monash University, Australia), and Dr. Nicole George (University of Queensland) on women’s political participation in Asia and the Pacific.
March 13th 2012
East Asia and the Pacific (Bangkok)
A meeting on good governance and anti-corruption capacity among social scientists in East Asia and the Pacific.
March 1st 2012
Myanmar (Paper)
A paper on the campaign environment and electoral constituencies in advance of the 1 April by-elections.
December 1st 2011
Myanmar (Paper)
A paper on recent political changes in Myanmar.
October 1st 2011
Thailand (New York)
A paper on Thailand's changing political landscape following the country's recent elections.
July 1st 2011
Myanmar (Paper)
A briefing paper on the first 100 days of Myanmar's new executive branch.
April 12th 2011
Thailand (New York)
A briefing on tensions surrounding approaching elections in Thailand.
April 1st 2011
Myanmar (Paper)
A briefing paper on the composition of the Myanmar government.
December 1st 2010
Timor-Leste (Paper)
A paper on security sector reform and handover in Timor-Leste.
October 1stNovember 1st 2010
Myanmar (Papers)
A series of papers on the Myanmar elections.
August 17th 2010
Myanmar (New York)
A meeting on the political environment in Myanmar going into the November elections.
August 1st 2010
Myanmar (Paper)
A paper on the electoral process and challenges leading up to elections.
June 1st 2010
Myanmar (Paper)
A paper providing an overview of elections in Myanmar.
May 12th25th 2010
Thailand (New York)
Two briefings on the protests in Bangkok and the prospects for UN engagement.
March 26th 2010
Myanmar (New York)
A briefing on the upcoming elections in Myanmar and the possibility for an ongoing role for the United Nations.
March 1st 2010
Myanmar (Paper)
A paper on electoral law in Myanmar.
December 17th 2009
Thailand (New York)
A meeting on prospects for the UN's ongoing role in Thailand.
November 3rd 2009
Nepal (New York)
A meeting to help identify and analyze the challenges and prospects for UNMIN and the UN in Nepal.
September 1st 2009
Timor-Leste (Paper)
A paper on the hand-over of executive police authority from the UN Police in Timor-Leste to the national police force.
June 1st 2009
Myanmar (Paper)
A paper on upcoming elections and the prospects for political change.
February 1stMarch 1st 2009
Southern Thailand (Papers)
A paper and series of informal briefings for UN officials on the ongoing conflict and possible entry points for the UN and other stakeholders.
January 21st 2009
Nepal (New York)
An informal briefing on UN engagement in Nepal held in preparation of the renewal of the mandate for the UN Mission in Nepal (UNMIN).
January 1st 2009
Myanmar (Paper)
A paper on the key political implications of the new Constitution for Myanmar.
January 1st 2009
Bangladesh (Paper)
A paper on the economic and political consequences of the December 2008 election results with recommendations for the United Nations to aid in the development of democracy and human rights protection in the region.

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