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November 17th18th 2014
The Middle East and North Africa (Geneva)
In collaboration with the UN DPA, CPPF organized a two-day brainstorming on cross-regional trends in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), with a focus on youth. The meeting—a follow on to a regional meeting on North Africa and the Sahel held in Tunis in October 2013 at the request of DPA’s Africa II team— served as an opportunity to discuss common regional challenges related to youth, including limited education opportunities, high unemployment, growing radicalization and the effects of conflicts in the MENA region.
June 30thJuly 1st 2014
Syria (New York)
CPPF organized a two-day brainstorming on Syria. The objective of the meeting was to provide a system-wide review of UN efforts on Syria and guide the UN on possible ways forward given new challenges in the conflict.
December 9th10th 2013
Ukraine and Belarus (Brussels)
On December 9-10, CPPF held a meeting on Ukraine and Belarus in Brussels. The meeting brought together a small number of senior United Nations policymakers, and a few independent subject-matter experts to identify possible policy options for DPA on Belarus and Ukraine. Senior representatives from the UN Country Teams from Belarus and Ukraine attended the sessions, along with DPA officials from New York and senior representatives of the European Union, the Council of Europe and the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.
November 25th26th 2013
Syria (New York)
CPPF held a briefing for CPPF donors and UN colleagues about recent research carried out by a consultant which includes a year-long effort interviewing many key players in the Syrian crisis: government, opposition, civil society, exile leaders, and others assessing what issues or themes might bring all parties to the table.
November 15th 2013
The Impact of the Drugs Trade and International crime: The European Experience (Brussels)
At the request of DPA Europe Division, CPPF organized a meeting on drug policy in Europe to discuss the impact of drugs and international crime on governance and stability in the region.
July 3rd 2013
Lebanon (New York)
CPPF held a meeting about Lebanon, Syria, and Iran. Topics of discussion included Hezbollah’s role in Syria and Iran’s foreign policy at the wake of the newly elected President Hassan Rohani.
May 1st 2013
Women's political participation in MENA (Paper)
CPPF commissioned Zeina Zatar to a paper on women’s political participation and representation in the Middle East and North Africa.
April 22nd 2013
Syria (New York )
CPPF convened a meeting on the role, goals, and support networks of active radical armed groups in Syria.
March 11th16th 2013
Bill O'Neill teaches Human Rights Law in Doha
March 2nd9th 2013
Bill O'Neill conducts field research in Bahrain
Bill O’Neill carried out field research in Bahrain from 2-9 March, focusing on the status of judicial and police reform and possible future UN projects to support peace and reconciliation. This research is part of CPPF’s on-going work on Bahrain, which included a similar visit by O’Neill followed by a briefing to senior UN officials in headquarters, and a CPPF meeting on Bahrain in May 2012. We expect similar activities after his return.
February 11th 2013
Syria (New York)
A meeting on the protection of civilians in Syria.
October 26th 2012
Cyprus (New York)
A meeting to discuss the political situation in advance of the upcoming presidential elections of February 2013.
October 22nd 2012
Cyprus (New York)
A meeting held to take stock of the present political context of Cyprus.
June 27th 2012
Resource Competition in the Mediterranean (New York)
A meeting analyzing resource competition in the Eastern Mediterranean.
June 12th 2012
Syria (New York)
A meeting on the political context in Syria, as well as regional dynamics.
May 17th 2012
Bahrain (New York)
A meeting on the current political situation in Bahrain and the potential for increased violence.
April 1st 2012
Syria (Paper)
A paper on future scenarios for the Syrian government and the ongoing conflict, and implications for international engagement.
December 1st 2011
Syria (New York)
A briefing on the composition of opposition movements in Syria.
October 20th 2011
Syria (New York)
A briefing on the economic structures of the country and the impact of recent international sanctions.
October 11th 2011
Syria (New York)
A briefing taking stock of the political environment in Syria and potential points of entry for the UN.
June 8th 2011
Syria (New York)
A briefing on the political, economic, and social challenges facing the country.
May 20th 2011
Yemen (New York)
A meeting on international engagement in Yemen.
April 1st 2011
Yemen (Paper)
A paper on the changing political landscape of the country and future points of entry for international partners.
December 6th 2010
Protracted Conflicts (New York)
A meeting on protracted conflicts.
May 7th 2009
Iran (New York)
An informal meeting to examine the situation in Iran with a special focus on the domestic political environment and regional dynamics and opportunities for UN engagement.
May 1st 2009
Cyprus (New York)
An informal meeting to inform ongoing deliberations and to identify opportunities for the UN system to engage with various actors.

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