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June 23rd 2014
Colombia (New York)
CPPF convened a meeting on Colombia for the UN to discuss the recent presidential elections, the dynamics in the current peace negotiations in Havana, and challenges for the country's post-conflict stage.
June 12th 2014
Venezuela (New York)
CPPF organized a small briefing for the UN to discuss the current political situation in Venezuela, in the aftermath of the protests that shook that country earlier this year.
June 3rd 2014
Criminal Bands in Colombia - BACRIMs (Bogata)
CPPF convened a small meeting to compare the reports CPPF commissioned from InSight Crime and Fundación Paz y Reconciliación on the BACRIM phenomena in Colombia. The meeting examined the reach and influence of these groups as understood from each report to assist in the development of future programming regarding human security in Colombia.
May 29th 2014
High Level Working Group (HLWG) on Mining in Colombia (Bogotá)
Renata Segura and Sabrina Stein of CPPF convened a meeting of the High Level Working Group (HLWG) on Mining in Colombia in Bogotá on 29 May. This project funded by the Ford Foundation aims to consider dialogue opportunities regarding extractive industries in this country. The group is comprised of different stakeholders including industry, civil society, academia, and ethnic groups.
May 1st 2014
The Drug Policy Debate in the Americas (New York)
CPPF organized a meeting to discuss the recent drug policy debate in the Americas, the 2014 OAS General Assembly Special Session on Drugs and the possible role the region might play in the 2016 UNGASS
April 9th 2014
Humanitarian Responses to Non-Conventional Violence in Central America and Mexico (Antigua)
CPPF organized a meeting at the request of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to examine the impact of non-conventional violence on humanitarian interventions in Central America and Mexico.
December 5th 2013
Gang truce in El Salvador (Panama)
CPPF organized a meeting to discuss the truce between gangs in El Salvador, including how the truce developed, its successes and failures, and the possibility of replicating it in other parts of the region.
November 28th 2013
The Global Drug Policy Debate: Experiences from the Americas and Europe (Paper)
CPPF Associate Director Renata Segura, together with CPPF Program Associate Sabrina Stein, produced a report entitled “The Global Drug Policy Debate: Experiences from the Americas and Europe”, at the request of the West African Commission on Drugs (WACD) as part of the WACDs background paper series.
November 25th 2013
Infiltrados: A chronicle of corruption in the National Civilian Police of El Salvador (New York)
CPPF, in cooperation with American University, organized a meeting to discuss journalist Héctor Silva’s book on the infiltration of organized crime in the National Police in El Salvador. Silva discussed his research findings, particularly on how decisions made during the peace agreements and by the UN Mission (ONUSAL) facilitated this infiltration, in an attempt to draw lessons learned for other Missions.
November 24th 2013
Radio France Internationale interview
Bill O’Neill was interviewed by Radio France Internationale (in French) about the current situation in Haiti for their world affairs program “Géo-Politique”, broadcasted on Sunday, November 24 2013.
October 9th10th 2013
Mining in Colombia (Bogota)
CPPF organized a meeting to discuss the complexities of mining in Colombia at the request of the Resident Coordinator in the country.
August 28th 2013
LAC Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights (Medellin)
CPPF Program Associate Sabrina Stein participated in the First Latin America and Caribbean Regional Forum on Business and Human Rights in Medellin, Colombia to discuss the impact of business and human rights in the region and the implementation of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.
June 26th 2013
Cuba-Latin America & Carribbean relations (New York)
CPPF and the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Center (NOREF) co-organized an event for the presentation of Mónica Hirst’s paper Cuba-Latin America & Caribbean relations; challenges beyond normalization, followed by a discussion led by Eric Hershberg.
June 20th21st 2013
Drug Policy Reform in Europe (Lisbon)
CPPF facilitated the participation of a representative of UN DPA, Europe Division at the meeting hosted by the International Drug Policy Consortium (IDPC) and the Serviço de Intervençao nos Comportamentos Aditivos e nas Dependências (SICAD) on “Where next for Europe on drug policy reform?” in Lisbon, Portugal.
May 22nd 2013
Regional Integration in a Post Chavez Era (New York)
CPPF organized a meeting on the future of regional integration and the reconfiguration of power structures in Latin America in a post-Chavez era.
April 24th 2013
Venezuela (New York)
CPPF organized a meeting on the recent presidential elections in Venezuela
March 22nd 2013
Colombia (New York)
CPPF organized a meeting to brief the new Resident Coordinator in Colombia on land, paramilitary and narcotrafficking groups as sources of conflict in the country.
March 12th 2013
Brainstorming Meeting on High Level Working group on Mining and Governance in the Andes (New York)
CPPF hosted a brainstorming meeting to help in the planning and development of a possible High level Working Group on the future of extractive industries in the Andean region.
November 7th 2012
Extractive Industries in Central America (Panama)
A meeting to examine the economic, social, and political implications of the growth of extractive industries in Central America.
September 7th 2012
Paraguay (New York)
A meeting to discuss the challenges that face Paraguay following the change of regime in June
July 19th22nd 2012
Haiti (Port-au-Prince)
A meeting on the Rule of Law with the goal of identifying research priorities and effective methods for future Rule of Law programs in Haiti
July 18th 2012
Honduras (New York)
A meeting to discuss the challenges facing Honduras as it enters the 2012-13 electoral period.
May 24th 2012
Cuba (San Francisco)
A meeting on the short, medium, and long-term outcomes of economic and social reforms in Cuba.
April 11th 2012
Colombia (Bogotá)
A meeting to discuss peace and justice in Colombia and the legal framework necessary to strike a balance.
March 22nd 2012
Venezuela (New York)
A meeting on the political landscape in Venezuela and the upcoming October 2012 elections.
December 8th 2011
Colombia (New York)
A briefing on the recent election results and their implications for Colombia going forward.
November 21st 2011
Perú (New York)
A meeting on the principle challenges to democratic governance in Perú.
October 25th 2011
UNASUR (New York)
A paper on the challenges and opportunities of the newly-formed Unión de Naciones Suramericana.
September 1st 2011
SICA (Paper)
A paper on the newly-formed Sistema de Integración Centroamericano and its responses to the security challenges facing Central America.
September 1st 2011
Dominican Republic (Paper)
A paper on the effectiveness of the current administration and the primary areas of concern for voters in the upcoming elections in 2012.
September 1st 2011
Colombia (Paper)
A paper on the challenges and risks of Colombia's upcoming elections in October, focusing particularly on the local sphere.
August 1st 2011
Perú (Paper)
A paper on Ollanta Humala's administration and the current challenges of democratic governance in Perú.
June 23rd 2011
Mexico (New York)
A one-day meeting to discuss the current governance and security challenges facing Mexico.
June 3rd 2011
English-Speaking Caribbean (Curaçao)
A meeting on democratic governance in the English-speaking Caribbean.
June 2nd 2011
Cuba (Curaçao)
A meeting examining the economic reform packages approved in April 2011.
April 29th30th 2011
Haiti (Charlottesville)
A two-day symposium on Haiti with the University of Virginia to examine Haiti's current political piorities and mid-term prospects.
March 24th 2011
Venezuela (New York)
A meeting on the impact of recent elections in Venezuela.
January 1st 2011
Haiti (Paper)
A paper on the impact of Export Processing Zones in Haiti.
January 1st 2011
Constitutional Reform (Paper)
A paper on constitutional reform in the English-speaking Caribbean.
December 7th 2010
Indigenous Peoples (New York)
A meeting on indigenous groups in Latin America.
December 1st 2010
Haiti (Paper)
A paper on the ongoing efforts to rebuild agriculture in Haiti.
December 1st 2010
Constitutional Reform (Paper)
A paper on consitutional reform in the English-speaking Caribbean.
December 1st 2010
Women in Politics (Paper)
A paper on the political participation of women in Latin America and the Caribbean.
October 6th 2010
Cuba (Toronto)
A meeting on recent changes in the Cuban economy.
July 16th 2010
Paraguay (New York)
A meeting on governance and state fragility in Paraguay.
May 11th 2010
Nicaragua (Managua)
A meeting on opportunities for and challenges to governance and democratic consolidation in Nicaragua.
May 1st 2010
Honduras (Paper)
A paper on Honduras’ security sector and evolving roles of the military.
March 2nd3rd 2010
Drug Trafficking and Organized Crime
Two meetings on drug trafficking and organized crime in Latin America and the role of the United Nations in addressing these challenges.
February 24th 2010
Haiti (New York)
A briefing on the United Nations and post-earthquake reconstruction efforts in Haiti.
February 1st2nd 2010
Colombia Borders (Panamá)
A meeting to examine the current situation along Colombia's borders and to help the international community strengthen regional relations.
January 1st 2010
Honduras (Paper)
A paper on the role and structure of the Honduran security sector.
December 15th 2009
Haiti (New York)
Meeting to help the UN define priority areas of engagement in Haiti over the next 12 months.
July 30th 2009
Colombia (Villa de Leyva)
A small informal meeting to analyze the Colombian armed conflict and discuss UN strategy in the region.
June 4th 2009
Ecuador (New York)
A meeting to examine the new institutional architecture established by the 2008 constitution and ways in which the international community can contribute to address future challenges.
January 1st31st 2009
Haiti (New York/Washington)
A series of informal consultations on prospects for reviving the Haitian economy following the devastating hurricanes and food riots in 2008.

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