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December 1st 2015
Non-conventional violence and crime (December)
CPPF, in collaboration with the Norwegian Peacebuilding Resource Centre (NOREF), organized a meeting to discuss NOREF’s report series on non-conventional violence. The meeting brought together a number of the reports’ authors and UN colleagues to discuss the rise of armed violence and crimes at the hands of groups that do not have political aspirations of goals. The meeting focused on how these groups have perpetuated violence and fear around the world in different incarnations of this phenomenon while challenging the authority of the state. The discussion also focused on recommendation for the international community in deal with non-conventional violent actors.
November 16th 2015
Intersections between the SDGs and the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on Drugs (November)
CPPF organized a policy panel in collaboration with the International Peace Institute (IPI) to analyze the intersections between the SDGs and the upcoming UNGASS on Drugs to take place in 2016. The discussion focused on some of the challenges that existing drug policies may present for member states trying to accomplish the SDGs and the need to align drug policy with the SDG agenda
October 7th 2015
Prevention of Atrocities Workshop (October)
CPPF organized a workshop with key experts and UN officials to discuss a study on Prevention of Atrocities that examines the links among genocide prevention, the Responsibility to Protect and prevention of atrocities, analyzing the challenges and opportunities for the international community on this issue. This research is supported by a grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Switzerland.
July 22nd 2015
Preparing for the United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem (New York)
CPPF co-organized an event with the International Peace Institute to discuss the upcoming United Nations General Assembly Special Session (UNGASS) on the World Drug Problem, which will take place in April 2016. The discussion highlighted and reflected on the increasingly changing policy landscape at the national level is posing challenges to the current international drug control strategies.
July 15th 2014
Religious Extremism in the Asia/Pacific Region
CPPF convened a meeting that brought together experts and senior UN officials to discuss the threat of religious extremism in the Asia/Pacific Region as well as ways to ameliorate the arising phenomenon.
May 1st 2014
The Drug Policy Debate in the Americas (New York)
CPPF organized a meeting to discuss the recent drug policy debate in the Americas, the 2014 OAS General Assembly Special Session on Drugs and the possible role the region might play in the 2016 UNGASS
April 10th 2014
Hostile and Unconventional Threats (NY)
CPPF held a brainstorming session with independent experts and UN officials on hostile and unconventional threats. Participants discussed the broad trends in violence and emerging threats, lessons learned from counter terrorism and humanitarian options, and UN operational and response gaps.
April 9th 2014
Humanitarian Responses to Non-Conventional Violence in Central America and Mexico (Antigua)
CPPF organized a meeting at the request of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs to examine the impact of non-conventional violence on humanitarian interventions in Central America and Mexico.
December 5th 2013
Bill O'Neill gave lecture on UN Peacekeeping (Uni. of Scranton)
CPPF Director Bill O’Neill addressed the Schimmel International Forum at the University of Scranton, (PA) on “The evolution of UN peacekeeping : from Sinai to Haiti.”
October 21st 2013
Reconciliation (New York)
CPPF organized a meeting on the crucial topic of post-conflict reconciliation efforts. The meeting analyzed grass-roots initiatives from several counties, including Northern Ireland, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Sierra Leone to try to identify approaches that address the many traumas caused by conflict. A principal objective of the meeting was to bring together disparate parts of the UN system to assess their work and identify a common, coherent approach.
May 13th14th 2013
Towards Coordinated Responses to Peacekeeping (Beijing)
CPPF co-hosted a 2 day seminar titled Towards Coordinated Responses to Conflict: Perspectives on United Nations Peacemaking, Peacekeeping, and Peacebuilding in partnership with the Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO), American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), and the Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) in Beijing.
March 23rdApril 26th 2013
Bill O'Neill teaches on civilians in PK operations in Pisa
Bill O'Neill taught a course on civilians in peacekeeping operations at the Scuola Sant’Anna, Pisa, Italy’s premier graduate faculty in public affairs.
November 20th 2012
Gender in the West Balkans and South Caucasus (New York)
A meeting to discuss gender and peace consolidation in the West Balkans and South Caucasus
October 15th 2012
Gender in Latin America and the Caribbean (New York)
A meeting to discuss the role of women in civil society and social movements in Latin America and the Caribean
September 6th 2012
Drug Traficking and Criminality (Paper)
A paper on Drug Trafficking Policies in Europe
July 18th 2012
Peacebuilding (New York)
A meeting to discuss the upcoming Report of the Secretary-General on Peacebuilding in the Aftermath of Conflict.
June 29th 2012
Human Rights and Conflict Resolution (New York)
A meeting on ways to improve linkages between human rights and conflict prevention efforts in the UN system.
November 2nd3rd 2011
Emerging Powers and the UN (New York)
Two meetings on China's growing participation in multilateral peace operations, and the evolving debate within China on global norms such as the Responsibility to Protect.
October 3rd 2011
Food Security (New York)
A meeting exploring the causal relationship between food security and conflict while identifying cases of successful efforts to help prevent violent conflict related to food insecurity.
June 21st 2011
Enhancing Human Rights Standards in Peaeckeeping (New York)
A meeting bringing together civil society organizations from the four largest troop-contributing countries with UN staff to discuss ensuring unblemished human rights records among peacekeepers.
March 22nd 2011
Disaster Prevention and Recovery (New York)
A meeting on disaster reduction efforts following the 2015 expiration of the Hyogo Framework for Action.
November 10th 2010
Drug Trafficking (New York)
A meeting on international drug trafficking.
November 6th 2009
UN and Regional Organizations (New York)
A meeting on regional capacity and cooperation between the UN and regional organizations in the field of peace and security.
November 2nd 2009
Protection of Civilians (New York)
A meeting on UN approaches to and challenges faced in the implementation of protection of civilians mandates.
October 22nd 2009
AIDS, Security, and Conflict (New York)
A second meeting on the preliminary findings of the AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative (ASCI).
October 5th 2009
UN Framework Team (New York)
A fourth meeting of a Learning Series undertaken for the UN Framework Team examined the links between water resources and conflict and approaches towards managing and mitigating disputes over water.
July 2nd 2009
AIDS, Security and Conflict (Geneva)
A consultation to discuss the early findings of the AIDS, Security and Conflict Initiative (ASCI).

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