Haiti, Now and Next

In response to the recent devastation and tragedy in Haiti it is easy to lose sight of issues that loom only slightly over the horizon. With this web forum we are trying to bring these into view.

Haiti is an alarming reminder that natural disasters have more devastating consequences where physical infrastructure is weak, where institutions are problematic, and where there is a lot of poverty. So trying to foster development is also a response to disaster. How humanitarian assistance is administered may make it more or less conducive to longer term development, may make a transition from one set of actors (emergency responders) to another (development aid agencies) go more smoothly, may lead to better preparedness for the next time.

The SSRC has asked people we believe are deeply reflective about the situation in Haiti to share their thoughts about the present moment and its relationship to humanitarian assistance and transitions to development. This collection of postings is the result of that effort.


Written Presentation to the Interim Haiti Recovery Commission
by William O'Neill


Introduction: When Is Disaster Intolerable?
by Craig Calhoun
Beyond the Earthquake: A Wake-Up Call for Haiti
by Alex Dupuy
Country, City, Service
by Ferentz Lafargue
Cracks of Gender Inequality: Haitian Women After the Earthquake
By Régine Michelle Jean-Charles
Haiti: Can Catastrophe Spur Progress?
by William O'Neill
Haiti Update
by William O’Neill
Haiti and the International System: The Need for New Organizational Lending Formats
by Saskia Sassen
Haiti and the Unseen World
by Elizabeth McAlister
Haiti’s Earthquake and the Politics of Distribution
by Andrew Apter
Hope Admist Devastation: Towards a New Haitian State
by Robert Fatton Jr.
In the Aftermath of the Earthquake: Rebuilding to Rebalance Haiti
by Robert Maguire
Mobilize the Diaspora for the Reconstruction of Haiti
by Dilip Ratha
Moving Beyond Disaster to Build a Durable Future in Haiti
by Greg Beckett
Rebuilding Haiti: The Next Two Hundred Years
by J. Michael Dash
Rebuilding Haiti, Rebuilding the Fragile State Framework
By Yasmine Shamsie
Reckoning in Haiti
by Jean Casimir and Laurent Dubois
Run From the Earthquake, Fall Into the Abyss: A Léogane Paradox
by Karen Richman
Donate to Help Haiti
State Bricolage
by Chelsey Kivland

Street level view of the heavy earthquake damage suffered at the Haitian National Palace.

Photo Credit
: UN Photo/Logan Abass

Photo Credit
: UN Photo/Logan Abass

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Cecelia Lynch

Disaster, religion, and resilience

Margarita A. Mooney

Haiti’s pact with the devil? (some Haitians believe this too)

Bertin M. Louis, Jr.

Haiti and the unseen world

Elizabeth McAlister

VIDEO: Program Director William O'Neill interviewed in NY Times video report on the killing of prisoners at Les Cayes

VIDEO: "Haiti: Can Catastrophe Spur Progress?" with William O'Neill

A Haitian Civic Service (HCS) Initiative
On March 30, 2010, the Council hosted a meeting of key Haitian and international actors to advance the creation of an HCS.

Papers and Reports:

The Challenge for Haitian Higher Education
A new report on the impact of the earthquake in Haiti on higher education from the Interuniversity Institute for Research and Development.

The Brazilian Effect: Social Technologies for Reconstructing Haiti
A report from our friends Igarapé Social Cooperation Agency -- IDRC/CRDI.

Time for a “High-Road” Approach to EPZ Development in Haiti
by Yasmine Shamsie

Starting from the Ground Up: Engagement in Haiti’s Agricultural Sector
by Yasmine Shamsie

Published on: Thursday, January 14, 2010