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AAS-SSRC Dissertation Workshop Competition 2012


Christopher Aaron Baker
Indiana University Bloomington, Central Asian Studies; Russian History
The Politics of the Ethnic Past: Kazakh belles-lettres in the late Soviet Era
Bryce G. Beemer
University of Hawaii, History
The Creole City in Southeast Asia: Slave-gathering warfare and cultural exchange in pre-colonial Burma, Thailand and Manipur
Elizabeth Ann Cecil
Brown University, South Asian Religions; Sanskrit
Seeking the 'Lord with a Club': Locating Lakulisa in the History of Pasupata Saivism(*Diacritical marks omitted)
Naomi Chiku
University of Auckland, Contemporary Japanese Literature
Writing ‘Comprehensive Novels,’ or Constructing Living Historical Memory? : Murakami Haruki’s Textual Strategies of Dialogism
Anatoly Detwyler
Columbia University, Mod. Chinese literature, history, comparative literature
Networks of Exchange: Propaganda and Information Society in Modern Chinese Literature
Pankhuree Dube
Emory University, History
Rewriting History through Art: Gond Artists of Mandla District, Madhya Pradesh
Chi Thuc Ha
University of California, Berkeley, Asian Studies, History, Folklore/Anthropology
Competing Nationalisms: Censorship and Intellectual Production in Vietnam During the Vietnam War (1955-1975)
Kyoung-Lae Kang
University of Rochester, Visual and Cultural Studies
"Postcolonial Archive Fever and Politics of Absence in Contemporary Korea"
Taeju Kim
University of Chicago, International History
Security State, Moral Realism, and Post-Conflict Resolution: The Politics of Memory and Apologies in Japan
Diana Taj Kudaibergenova
University of Cambridge, Sociology, Nationalism
Discovering nationalism in post-Soviet Central Asia. Elites, ethnonationalism and legitimation in post-independent era.
Stephanie Su
University of Chicago, Art History
Imagination of China in Early Twentieth Century Chinese and Japanese History Painting
Shu-Li Wang
University College London, Anthropology, Heritage Studies
Politics of Displaying Landscape - China’s National Archaeological Parks in the Making