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AAS-SSRC Dissertation Workshop Competition 2014


Sakura Christmas
Harvard University, History
The Cartographic Steppe: Spaces of Development in Northeast Asia, 1895-1945
Rebakah L Daro Minarchek
Cornell University, Development Sociology
What the Misty Mountains Conceal: Competing Claims for Forest Access and Ownership in Indonesia’s Conservation Zones
David E Gilbert
Stanford University, Environmental Anthropology
The Sumatran Struggle against Plantation Monocultures: Ecological Change, the Agro-industry and a Modern Peasant Movement
Emily Hong
Cornell University, Anthropology
High Stakes Collaboration: Land Rights and Ethnic Sovereignty
Ahilan Arasaratnam Kadirgamar
City University of New York Graduate Center, Anthropology
Reconstruction and Dispossession: Landed Relations in Post-war Sri Lanka
Malav Jayesh Kanuga
City University of New York Graduate Center, Cultural Anthropology
Urban Redevelopment, Subaltern Imagination, and the Spirit of Repossession in Mumbai
Arivalagan Murugesha Pandian
University of Madras, Environmental History
Glorifying the Colonial Past! Social Memory and Kanikkarans in Tamil Nadu
Laura Schoenberger
York University, Toronto, Geography (Critical Human Geography)
Drawing the Leopard's Spots: Cambodia's Rapid Land Titling Initiative, Land Concessions and Counter-movements
Christian Sorace Phillip Sorace
University of Texas at Austin, Political Science
Urbanization of the Peasantry During the Post-2008 Sichuan Earthquake Reconstruction: The Creation of an Idle Proletariat
Holly J. Stephens
University of Pennsylvania, History (Korean)
Agriculture and Development in an Age of Empire: Institutions, Associations and Market Networks in Modern Korea, 1876-1945
James Dustin Wright
University of California, Santa Cruz, Japanese History
'You can stake our land but you can't stake our spirits': Resisting Militarism and Fighting for Lived Spaces in Western Tokyo, 1933-2003.
Zhumin Xu
University of New Orleans, Urban Studies
Citizen Participation in Urban Renewal: A Multiple Case Study of Property Takings in Shanghai