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DPDF Student Fellowship Competition 2012

DPDF Research Fields

Ecological History
Field Directors:
  • Peter Perdue, Professor, Yale University, History
  • Stevan Harrell, Professor, University of Washington, Anthropology
Gender Justice in the Era of Human Rights
Field Directors:
  • Dorothy Hodgson, Professor & Graduate Program Director, Rutgers University, New Brunswick, Anthropology
  • Pamela Scully, Professor of Women's Studies and African Studies, Emory University, Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies
Governing Global Production
Field Directors:
  • Tim Bartley, Associate Professor, Ohio State University, Sociology
  • Layna Mosley, Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Political Science
Mediated Futures: Globalization and Historical Territories
Field Directors:
  • William Mazzarella, Professor, University of Chicago, Anthropology
  • Arvind Rajagopal, Professor, New York University, Media, Culture, and Communication
New Approaches to Transnationalism and Migratory Circulation
Field Directors:
  • Khachig Tölölyan, Professor, Wesleyan University, Humanities
  • Emmanuel Ma Mung, Director of Research, University of Poitiers, CNRS
  • Thomas Lacroix, Research Fellow, University of Poitiers