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Grants for Collaborative Research on Environment and Health in China, 2009


2009 Collaborative Grants focused on environment-related health risks faced by migrant workers.


Environment and Health: A Survey Study of Labor Migrants in Shenzhen
  • Institute of Population and Labor Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
  • Project Director(s): Niu, Jianlin
Environment-related health problems and risks in the Urban Villages of Kunming
  • School of Public Health, Kunming Medical College
  • Project Director(s): Fang, Jing
Migration and the environmental health awareness and behavior in rural China.
  • College of Humanities and Development, China Agricultural University
  • Project Director(s): Lu, Jixia
Multidimensional Assessment of Health and the Living Environment of Migrant Workers
  • Center for Human and Economic Development Studies, Peking University
  • Project Director(s): Wang, Xiaolin
Occupational health services for migrant workers: needs and provision
  • Yunnan Health and Development Research Association
  • Project Director(s): Zhang, Kaining
The economic impact and policy responses to the environment-related health problems of migrants
  • Institute for Advanced Study on Sustainable Development, Renmin University
  • Project Director(s): Chen, Chuanbo
The Forgotten Consequences of Urbanization and Migration: Return Migration as the Result of Occupational Injury and Disease
  • School of Social Development and Public Policy, Beijing Normal University
  • Project Director(s): Zhang, Xiulan
The Impact of Environment and Health Policies on Urban Villagers in Chongqing and Shanghai
  • School of Economics and Management, Tongji University
  • Project Director(s): Zhou, Xianghong