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2005 IDRF Program


Nikolay Atanasov Antov
University of Chicago, History
Formation of Muslim Communities in the Ottoman Balkans: The Case of Deliorman, 16th-17th Centuries
James Albert Barsimantov
University of California, Santa Cruz, Environmental Studies
Testing the Role of Community Forestry in Conserving Mexico`s Pine-Oak Forests
Elisabetta Virginia Bini
New York University, History
Cold War Domesticity: Consuming Women in Postwar Italy
Lale Can
New York University, History and Middle Eastern Studies
Subjects of the Tsar, Brothers of the Sultan: The Ferghana Valley between Russian Colonialism and Ottoman Pan-Islamism
Vanesa Casanova-Fernandez
Georgetown University, History
Of Moors and Men: The Construction of Masculinities on the Spanish-Moroccan Frontier, Ceuta, 1640-1799
D'Maris Dalton Coffman
University of Pennsylvania, History
The "Devil's Remedy:" Excise Taxation in the British Isles, 1650-1700
Roseann A Cohen
University of California, Santa Cruz, Environmental Studies
Migrating ecologies: Homegarden practice among displaced persons from rural Chocó, Colombia, resettled in the city of Cartagena, Colombia
Jason Cons
Cornell University, Sociology
The Fragments and Their Nations: Marginality, Citizenship, and Territory in the India-Bangladesh Enclaves
Robyn E. Cutright
University of Pittsburgh, Archaeology
Cuisine and Empire: A Domestic View of Chimu Expansion from the Jequetepeque Valley, Peru
Bianca Dahl
University of Chicago, Human Development
Left Behind? The Socialization of Orphaned Children in Contemporary Botswana
Naomi Beth Davidson
University of Chicago, History
Un Espoir en Devenir: The Mosquée de Paris and the Creation of French Islams
Jennifer Derr
Stanford University, History
The Development of the Egyptian Sugar Industry, 1850-1950: Geography, Authority and Community in Southern Egypt
Madhuri Desai
University of California, Berkeley, Architecture
Resurrecting Banaras: Urban Space, Architecture and Religious Boundaries
Nadia Doreen Ellis Russell
Princeton University, Literature
The Caribbean and the Making of Modern British Culture, 1932-1967
Tasha Ann Fairfield
University of California, Berkeley, Political Science
The Distributional Politics of Tax Reform in Argentina, Bolivia and Chile
Jane Martin Ferguson
Cornell University, Anthropology
The National Politics of Local Digital Media in Mae Hong Son, Thailand
Claudio Ferraz
University of California, Berkeley, Economics
The Impact of Globalization on Environmental Choices: Evidence from Brazilian Manufacturing Firms
Denise Geraci
City University of New York Graduate Center, Anthropology
Inequality and Childcare in the Global Economy: The Children of Mexican Domestic Workers
Juan Camilo Gomez-Rivas
Yale University, History
Muslim Jurists under the Almoravids
Azra Hromadzic
University of Pennsylvania, Anthropology
Emerging Citizens: Youth, Education, and Democratization in Post-conflict Bosnia-Herzegovina
Rusaslina Idrus
Harvard University, Anthropology
The Native State and Transnational Indigenes: The Legal Arena and Orang Asli Land Claims in Malaysia
Beatrice Anne Jauregui
University of Chicago, Anthropology
The Force of Law: State Actors and Legal Orders in Contemporary India
Charles Keith
Yale University, History
Catholic Vietnam: Church, Colonialism and Revolution, 1908-1945
Abby Kinchy
University of Wisconsin, Madison, Sociology
Transgenic Crops and Transnational Activism: Controversies over Mexican Maize and Canadian Canola
Lili Lai
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Anthropology
Beyond the Economic Peasant: Embodiment and Healthcare in Rural Henan
Erez M Levon
New York University, Linguistics
Language, Ideology and Gay Identity in Israel
Fabiana Li
University of California, Davis, Anthropology
Reconfiguring Networks, Politics, and Nature: The Emergence of Movements against Mining in Peru
Lilith Mahmud
Harvard University, Anthropology
Seeking Sisterhood: Elite Constructions of Gender in the Italian Freemasonry
Oana Maria Mateescu
University of Michigan, Anthropology and History
Memory, Proof and Persuasion: Re-creating Communal Ownership in Postsocialist Romania
Tomas Antero Matza
Stanford University, Literature
Economies of Despair: Gender, Psychologies and Social Assistance in Postsocialist Russia
Natalia Milanesio
Indiana University Bloomington, History
Peronism, Mass Consumption, and Working-Class Culture, Argentina, 1946-1955
Manjusha S Nair
Rutgers University, Sociology
Intimate Contentions: Class, Community and Nationhood in Chhattisgarh in Central India (1947-2005)
Shunsuke Nozawa
University of Chicago, Anthropology
The Advent of Interpreters: Redemption and Prolepsis in Japanese Grassroots Historiography
Jessica Leigh O'Reilly
University of California, Santa Cruz, Anthropology
Policy and Practice in Antarctic Specially Managed Areas
Itohan Osayimwese
University of Michigan, Architecture
"Onwards with God": Utopianism, Colonialism, and Modernism in a Pan-German World
Jonathan Padwe
Yale University, Environmental Studies and Anthropology
Garden Variety Histories of Genocide: Development and Agriculture among the Jarai of Northeast Cambodia
Elizabeth Autumn Perrill
Indiana University Bloomington, Art History
Potters in the Marketplace: South African Ceramic Urbanization, 1910s to the Present
Pascale Helene Rihouet
Brown University, Art History
Rituals and Images: The Unifying Power of Confraternity Banners in Late Medieval and Renaissance Umbria
Gregory Joseph Robinson
University of Pennsylvania, Ethnomusicology/Music
"Where Night Finds Him, He Lives": Music, Regional Identity, and the Border Among the Gauchos of Chilean Patagonia
Ana E Schaller de la Cova
Emory University, Anthropology
Senegalese "Making Do": Islamic Knowledge, National Schooling, and Opportunity in Dakar
Ann Schneider
University of Chicago, History
Political Amnesty in Brazil, 1889-1979
Ibra Sene
Michigan State University, History
Crime, Punishment, and Colonization: A History of the Prison of Saint-Louis and the Development of the Penitentiary System in Senegal, ca. 1860-ca. 1940
Andrey A Shlyakhter
University of Chicago, History
Smuggling Across the Soviet Borders: Contraband Trade and the Struggle Against It, 1918-1933
Sara Beth Shneiderman
Cornell University, Anthropology
Rituals of Ethnicity: Mixing and Making Thangmi Identity Across Himalayan Borders
Bhrigupati Singh
Johns Hopkins University, Anthropology
Affect and Temporality in Human Rights: Death by Starvation in Rajasthan, India
Mariela Laura Szwarcberg
University of Chicago, Political Science
Machine Politics in Latin America: Lessons from the Argentine Case
Henry Morton Trotter
Yale University, History
Port Culture: A Modern History of South African Sailors, Stevedores & Sugar-Girls
Eric Martin Usner
New York University, Ethnomusicology
“The Cultural Practice of Western European Art Music in Vienna: An Historical and Ethnographic Study of ‘Classical Music’ and the Viennese Racial Imagination”
Adriana Valencia
University of California, Berkeley, Architecture
Migration and the City: Early-seventeenth century urban history in Granada, Valencia, Rabat, and Tetouan
Emily Van Buskirk
Harvard University, Literature
Boundary Literature: Aesthetic, Personal, and Historical Dimensions
Lindsay Moira Weiss
Columbia University, Archaeology
Toward an Archaeology of Apartheid: The Origins of Segregation in South Africa`s First Industrial Mining Community
Max David Weiss
Stanford University, History
The Making of Sectarian Shi'i Lebanon, 1926-1948
Jin Zeng
Johns Hopkins University, Political Science
Privatization of Small and Medium SOEs in China
Xiaowei Zheng
University of California, San Diego, History
Political Culture, Protest Repertoires, and Mass Nationalism in the 1911 Revolution in Sichuan, China
Cesar Zucco
University of California, Los Angeles, Political Science
Still "Politics as Usual"?