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2006 IDRF Program


Ana Maria Arjona
Yale University, Political Science
The Creation of Local Order: Armed Groups' Strategies and Civilians' Collaboration in Civil Wars
Cornelia Aust
University of Pennsylvania, History
Between Amsterdam and Riga: Networks of Jewish Merchants in Warsaw between 1750 and 1815
Azzarina Basarudin
University of California, Los Angeles, Women's Studies
Recreating Communities of the Faithful?: Negotiating Gender, Religion and Feminism in Egypt and Malaysia
Kimberly Brooke Cassibry
University of California, Berkeley, Art History
Honor and Expectation: Negotiating Empire on Triumphal Arches of the Severan Dynasty (c. 193-217 C.E.)
Oksana Chefranova
New York University, Film Studies
From Gardens to Kino: Evgenii Bauer’s Artistic Career, Moscow, 1880–1917
Cari Coe
University of California, Los Angeles, Political Science
Land Classification and Allocation on the Edge of Vietnam's Protected Forests
Sapana L.D. Doshi
University of California, Berkeley, Geography
Participatory Resettlement, Exclusionary Redevelopment: Gender, Citizenship and Eviction Politics in Mumbai, India
Kelly Marie Duke Bryant
Johns Hopkins University, History
Educating Nationality: Senegalese Children and France, 1870-1903
Michael Benjamin Dwyer
University of California, Berkeley, Environmental Science
Orienting the Resource Landscape: Mapping and Upland Development in Lao PDR
Ahmed El Shamsy
Harvard University, History
The Role of Legal Maxims in the Development of Islamic Law
Alessia Frassani
City University of New York Graduate Center, Art History
Art and Identity in Colonial Oaxaca: Dominicans, Spaniards, and Mixtecs at the Convento of Yanhuitlan
Maria Candelaria Garay
University of California, Berkeley, Political Science
The Changing Social Policy Divide: Informal and Formal Workers in Argentina, Brazil and Mexico
D. Asher Ghertner
University of California, Berkeley, Environmental Science
Green Evictions: The Politics of Land Privatization and Access in Delhi
Karen Marie Greenough
University of Kentucky, Anthropology
Becoming Mobile Pastoralists: Desendentarization Among the Ful'be of Tanout, Niger
Bridget Lauren Guarasci
University of Michigan, Anthropology
Eden Again?: The Technologies of Nostalgia and Reconstruction in Iraq's Marshes
Brian E. Hanrahan
Columbia University, Germanic Language and Literatures
Radio, Realism and the Hörfilm, 1923-1933
Lane Jeremy Harris
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, History
Communications Matrix: State-Making and Nation-Building in the Modern Chinese Postal Service, 1896-1949
Jocelyn Nicole Hendrickson
Emory University, Religion
The Jurisdiction of Orthodoxy: Islamic Law and Muslim Minorities in Medieval Spain
Bonar Ludwig Hernandez
University of Texas at Austin, History
The Catholic Action Movement in Guatemala
Richard Stephen Hopkins
Arizona State University, History
Engineering Nature: Public Greenspaces in Nineteenth-Century Paris
Cindy Yung-Leh Huang
University of California, Berkeley, Anthropology
Remaking Muslim Women in China: The Rise of NGOs and New Configurations of Gendered Development
Steven Leroy Hyland
Ohio State University, History
Margins of the Mahjar: Arabic-speaking Immigrants in Argentina, 1880-1946
Abdulai Iddrisu
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, History
Contesting Islam: Wahhabism, Education, and Muslim Identity in Northern Ghana, 1950-2005
Abdourahmane Idrissa
University of Florida, Political Science
Complicit Disputes: Islamic and Secular Norms of Political Modernity in Niger
Matthew C. Ingram
University of New Mexico Main Campus, Political Science
The Politics of Subnational Judicial Performance in Brazil and Mexico
Pamela Jagger
Indiana University Bloomington, Public Policy and Political Science
The Scramble for Property Rights: Renegotiating Livelihoods and Sustainability after Uganda’s Forest Governance Reform
Zahra Pamela Karimi
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Architecture
Exporting the American Dream: The United States and the Making of the Modern Iranian Home
Ebru Kayaalp
Rice University, Anthropology
From Seed to Smoke: An Ethnography of Tobacco Production and Exchange in Turkey
Karen Jean Lloyd
Rutgers University, Art History
Grafted Lineages, Crafted Identities: Altieri Patronage and the Complexity of Kinship in Early Modern Rome
Valeria Manzano
Indiana University Bloomington, History
The Making of Youth in Argentina: Culture, Politics, and Sexuality, 1958-1976
Daniel Margocsy
Harvard University, History
The Secret of Images: Scientific Illustrations and Intellectual Property in Early Modern Netherlands
Ramah Katherine McKay
Stanford University, Anthropology
Medical Welfare and Transnational Philanthropy in Mozambique
Jun Mizukawa
Columbia University, Anthropology
The Twenty-first Century Anthropology of Books: Digital Generations, Text Culture, and National Longing in Contemporary Japan
Sylvain Jean Perdigon
Johns Hopkins University, Anthropology
Survival and Normativity: Kin Relatedness among Palestinian Refugees in Lebanon
Peter Polak-Springer
Rutgers University, History
Shaping Oneness in the Borderlands: State Attempts to Construct National Community in Upper Silesia, 1919-50
Sugata Ray
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Art History
Performing “Hinduism” in the Twentieth Century: Temple Architecture and Pilgrimage in Braj Bhumi
Yael Rivka Rice
University of Pennsylvania, Art History
The Impulse towards a New Subject: Mughal Court Painting, 1570-1650
Andrew Richard Robarts
Georgetown University, History
Imperial Confrontation or Frontier Cooperation? Population Movements and Ottoman and Russian Migration Management Policies in the Black Sea Region, 1768-1829
Romola Sanyal
University of California, Berkeley, Architecture
An Architecture of Displacement: Spatializing Identity in the Refugee Spaces of Beirut and Calcutta
Christy Karla Schuetze
University of Pennsylvania, Anthropology
Looking Within and Between: Women and Religious Transformations in Mozambique
Katayoun Shafiee
New York University, History and Middle Eastern Studies
Anglo-Persian Oil, Techno-Politics, and the Making of Modern Iran, 1901-1953
Merav Shohet
University of California, Los Angeles, Anthropology
Hy Sinh & Nghia: Sacrifice as Virtue in Vietnamese Family Life
Ryan Thomas Skinner
Columbia University, Ethnomusicology
Sound and Subjectivity: Music, Modernity, and Mògòya in Postcolonial Bamako
Suyoung Son
University of Chicago, East Asian Languages
Writing for Print: A Literatus-Publisher of Seventeenth-Century China
Anna Marie Stirr
Columbia University, Ethnomusicology
Negotiating Nepalipan: Migration, Gender and Nation in Nepali Music and Language
Nirvana Tanoukhi
Stanford University, Modern Thought and Literature
Paradoxes of a “Defeatist” Imagination: Lebanese Journalistic and Literary Writing Post-1967
Howard I-Haur Tsai
University of Michigan, Archaeology
Ethnic Groups and Colonies: Investigation of Prehistoric Coastal-Highland Interaction at Las Varas, Jequetepeque Valley, Peru
Alice Autumn Weinreb
University of Michigan, History
Nourishing Socialism: Food, Bodies, and the Building of a National Identity in Early Cold War East Germany
Sterling Paul Wilson
University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, Art History
Global Nostalgias: Nation and Longing in Contemporary Art
Lu Zhang
Johns Hopkins University, Sociology
Globalization, Market Reform, and Dynamics of Labor Unrest in China, 1980-2005: A Case Study of Chinese Automobile Industry
Xin Zhang
University of California, Los Angeles, Political Science
Where Do the “Rules of the Game” Come From? State and Corporate Property Rights in Post-Privatization Russia