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1999 IDRF Program


Asad Mary Ahmed
University of Chicago, Anthropology
"Blasphemy and the Dialectics of Mediation: A Proposed Study of Courts, Conflict, and the Media in Contemporary Pakistan"
Monica Biradavolu
Duke University, Sociology
Unequal Globalization? Organizational Networks and Indian Migration in the Software Industry
Isa Blumi
New York University, History and Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
"The Consequences of Empire: the Shifting Dynamics of Identity in Albania and Yemen"
Aaron Bobrow-Strain
University of California, Berkeley, Geography
Rethinking Thuggery: Landed Elites and Agrarian Violence in Chiapas, Mexico
Manduhai Buyandelgeriyn
Harvard University, Social Anthropology
"The Revival of Religious Healing Practices in Post-Socialist Mongolia"
Melani Cammett
University of California, Berkeley, Political Science
"Mobilizing Capital: Globalization and Business Politics in North Africa"
Jillian Cavanaugh
New York University, Anthropology
Ideologies of Language Shift in Bergamo, Italy
Sandra Comstock
Cornell University, Rural Sociology
"The Mexican Garment Industry: New Strategies in a Changing World"
Susan A Crate
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Ecology
"Cows, Kin & Capitalism: The Cultural Ecology of Viliui Sakha in the Post-Socialist Era"
Megan Crowley Matoka
University of California, Irvine, Anthropology
Modern Bodies, Miraculous and Flawed: Imaginings of Self and State in Mexican Organ Transplantation
Lara Deeb
Emory University, Anthropology
An Enchanted Modern: Gender and Public Piety Among Islamist Shi'I Muslims in Beirut
Neal Enssle
University of Chicago, History
"The Politics of the Unwanted: Migration Policy and the Construction of National Identity in Germany and Great Britain, 1905-1945"
Sebastiaan Faber
University of California, Davis, Literature
"Exile and Cultural Hegemony: Spanish Intellectuals in Mexico (1939-1975)"
Caren Freeman
University of Virginia, Anthropology
"When Women Won't Marry Rural Men: Transnational Marriages between China and South Korea"
Jan Hoffman French
Duke University, Anthropology
Rewards of Resistance: Legal Rights, Memory, and Ethnic Identity among Indians and Descendants of Fugitive Slaves in Northeastern Brazil
Jed Anthony Friedman
University of Michigan, Economics
Firm and Worker Responses to Economic Reform in Vietnam
Duana Fullwiley
University of California, Berkeley, Anthropology
"Taking Root: Grounding Science in Local Practice"
Jennifer Grocer
University of Texas at Austin, Anthropology
"Discourses of Affiliation: Sociocultural and Geopolitical Relations Between Turkey and the Turkic Republics"
Samantha Herrick
Harvard University, History
"Norman Hagiography 911-1204: Cultural Transformation in the Middle Ages"
Jeffrey Houghtby
Emory University, History
"Enclosing the Commons: Property Rights and Agrarian Modernization in Early Modern Burgundy, 1600-1789"
Linda Gale Jones
University of California, Santa Barbara, Religious Studies
Preaching Perfidy: Muslim and Christian Sermons in Medieval Spain and the Maghreb
Christopher Kelty
Massachusetts Institute of Technology
"Scale and Convention: Programmed Languages in a Regulated America"
Naveeda Khan
Columbia University, Anthropology
Constructing Citizens: Urban Mosques in Pakistan (1947-present)
Victoria Langland
Yale University, History
"Reforming Our University, Re-Forming Ourselves: Student Movements and Collective Memory in Brazil, 1960-1998"
Mara Loveman
University of California, Los Angeles, Sociology
State-building, National Imaginings and 'Race' in Brazil (1870-1930)
Duanfang Lu
University of California, Berkeley, Architecture
Building the Chinese Work Unit: Modernity, Scarcity, and Space, 1949-2000
Tracy Jeanne Luedke
Indiana University Bloomington, Anthropology
"Bodies of Knowledge: the Social Politics of Healing in Tet Province, Mozambique"
Emily McEwan-Fujita
University of Chicago, Anthropology
"Gaelic in Scotland, Scotland in Europe: The Political Economy of Minority Language Revitalization"
Ethan Michelson
University of Chicago, Sociology
"Unhooking from the State: The Privatization of Chinese Lawyers"
Nara Milanich
Yale University, History
"The Children of Fate: Families, Class, and the State in Chile, 1857-1930"
Jonathan Miran
Michigan State University, History
"Facing the Land, Facing the Sea: Commercial Transformation and Urban Dynamics in the Red Sea Port of Massawa, 1840s-1900s"
Maya A. Nadkarni
Columbia University, Anthropology
Competing Pasts, Contested Spaces: Urban Development and Architectural Preservation in Budapest, Hungary
Gabriel Alexander Ondetti
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Political Science
"Opportunities, Ideas and Actions: The Brazilian Landless Movement, 1979-2001"
Aníbal Pérez-Liñán
University of Notre Dame, Government and International Studies
"Crisis without Breakdown: Presidential Impeachment in Latin America"
Janet Louisa Poole
Columbia University, East Asian Languages and Cultures
Time and the Colonial City: Modernisms of 1930s Korea
Jeremy Graham Prestholdt
Northwestern University, History
East African Consumerism and the Genealogies of Globalization
Shankar Ramaswami
University of Chicago, Anthropology
"Respect in a Decivilizing Epoch: An Ethnography of Migrant Workers’ Lives and Aspirations in Delhi"
Francisco David Rueda
Cornell University, Government
Government Partisanship and Economic Policy: Insider-Outsider Politics in Industrialized Democracies
Andrew J. Sackett
Yale University, History
"The Making of Acapulco: People, Land and the State in the Development of the "Mexican Riviera", 1927-1973"
Brian R. Selmeski
Syracuse University, Anthropology
"Warriors, Peasants and La Patria: Ethnicity and Nationalism Among Ecuador's Indigenous Soldiers"
Vera Sokolova
University of Washington, History
"A matter of speaking: Racism, gender and social deviance in the politics of the 'Gypsy question' in communist Czechoslovakia, 1945--1989."
Miranda Frances Spieler
Columbia University, History
"Empire and Underworld: Guiana in the French Legal Imagination, 1789-1870"
James David Straker
Emory University, Liberal Arts
"The Fate of an African Revolutionary Curriculum: Forest Youth and the Cultural Production of Guinean Nationalism"
Thomas Strong
Princeton University, Anthropology
Pikosa: Loss and Life in the Papua New Guinea Highlands
Yves Emmanuel Tiberghien
Stanford University, Political Science
"Political Mediation of Global Economic Forces: The Politics of Corporate Restructuring in Japan, France, and South Korea"
Lori Ann Watt
Columbia University, History
When Empire Comes Home: Repatriation in Japan After World War Two
Peter Robert Wilshusen
University of Michigan, Natural Resources and Environment
Negotiating Devolution: Community Conflict, Structural Power, and Local Forest Management in Quintana Roo, Mexico
Edith Wolfe
University of Texas at Austin, Art History
"Lasar Segall in Brazil, 1924-1945"
Patricia Woods
University of Washington, Near and Middle Eastern Studies
"Courting the Court: Social Visions, State Authority, and the Religious Law Conflict in Israel"
Vassiliki Yiakoumaki
New School, Anthropology
"Perceptions of Greek and European Identity in the Cultural Politics of Food in Modern Greece"
Benjamin G. Zimmer
University of Chicago, Anthropology
"Being Sudanese, Speaking Sudanese: The Sociopolitics of Linguistics Differentiation in the Highlands of West Java"