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Islam and Muslims in World Contexts 2009


Beyond Voices and Visions: Islam and Muslims from a Global Perspective
  • Center for the Study of Global Change, Indiana University
  • Project Director(s): Kahn, Hilary E
[ project summary ]
During this second year of funding, the project will continue its 3–5 minute award-winning podcasts for local public radio station WFIU. In addition, the project will collaborate with public television affiliate WTIU on a series of 3-5 minute videocasts, which will be broadcast throughout the month of Ramadan. Project page:
Building Muslim Spaces in a Secular Society: African Muslims in Philadelphia
  • African Studies Center, University of Pennsylvania
  • Project Director(s): Ali Dinar, PhD, Ali
[ project summary ]
The project will support forums bringing together faculty in Islamic and African studies and local representatives of African Muslim communities in Philadelphia. Forums will include public meetings at the Free Library of Pennsylvania and radio programming that features researchers and representatives of advocacy group. Project page:
Contexts and Connections: Islam, Scholarship, and Media
  • Duke University Center for International Studies (DUCIS)
  • Project Director(s): Read, Jen'nan Ghazal
[ project summary ]
The project establishes three five-week fellowships for journalists who cover Islam and the Muslim world. The fellows, part of the DeWitt Wallace Media Fellows program, will attend courses offered at Duke University and participate in symposia bringing together journalism faculty/students and Islamic studies scholars. Project page: newpages/DISCMediaFellows.htm
Enhancing Public Engagement on Islam in Sub-Saharan Africa
  • Center for African Studies, University of Florida
  • Project Director(s): Villalon, Leonardo
[ project summary ]
The participants will film a documentary exploring Eid-al-Fitr as celebrated along the Swahili Coast and the Hausa-speaking region of northern Nigeria. The filmmakers will develop written educational material to supplement this documentary, which will be screened at the World Affairs Council, the United Nations Association, and public libraries.
Eurasian Web Resources
  • Center for Eurasian, Russian and East European Studies, Georgetown University
  • Project Director(s): Stent, Angela
[ project summary ]
The project aims to enable policymakers, advocacy groups, and researchers to better understand the relationship between Islam and central Asian political systems formed after the collapse of the Soviet Union. The centerpiece of the project will be an online archive of Eurasian resources, created in partnership with the Library of Congress and open to researchers around the globe. Six hundred active seeds will operate in six collections and capture over 20 million documents in Russian, Turkish, and English. Project page:
Inside Islam: Dialogues and Debates
  • Global Studies, University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Project Director(s): Stambach, Amy
[ project summary ]
Funds will support the continuing development of one-hour programming by scholars at the University of Wisconsin-Madison for the Wisconsin Public Radio program Here on Earth: Radio without Borders, which explores issues ranging from the rise of heavy metal bands in Muslim-majority countries to Senate hearings on engaging Muslim communities around the world. Project page:
Iran Social Science Information Project
  • Program in Near Eastern Studies, Princeton University; South Asia Center, Syracuse University
  • Project Director(s): Mirjam Künkler and Mehrzad Boroujerdi
[ project summary ]
The Iran Social Science Data Portal will be an English- and Persian-language internet portal that hosts social science data on Iran, including socioeconomic data, electoral data, information on political parties, and translations of selected laws. It aims to provide a service to journalists, academics, policymakers, and others interested in analyzing political and socioeconomic developments in contemporary Iran. Project page:
Islam in Circulation: New Media and Youth Culture in the Middle East, South Asia, and Southeast Asia
  • Center for South Asia Studies; University of California, Berkeley
  • Project Director(s): Ray, Raka
[ project summary ]
The project will develop a series of public events in San Francisco and Silicon Valley centered on the topic of youth culture and new media in the Middle East and South Asia. The funds additionally support a public festival in the East Bay area on the topic of youth, Islam, and the arts. Project page:
Islam in Latin America
  • Latin American and Caribbean Center, Florida International University
  • Project Director(s): Logroño Narbona, Maria del Mar
[ project summary ]
The project will support basic research by FSU faculty on the increasing presence of Muslims in Latin America, a result of both conversion and migration. This research will position scholars to engage policymakers and journalists.
Reporting about Muslim Peoples and Islam: An Online Resource for Professional Journalism Education
  • African Studies Center, Michigan State University
  • Project Director(s): Ayoob, Mohammed
[ project summary ]
Islamic Studies scholars and journalism faculty will collaborate to develop online professional journalism curricular material addressing the portrayal of Islam and Muslims in both American and international media (including print, digital, broadcast, and photography). The project seeks to produce accessible material for use by accredited journalism programs across the country, particularly at the master’s and Ph.D. levels. Project page:
Understanding Islam and Muslim Communities in the Rocky Mountain Region
  • Center for Asian Studies, University of Colorado at Boulder
  • Project Director(s): Rodd, Laurel Rasplica
[ project summary ]
The grantees will map key constituencies and resources in the Rocky Mountain region and develop an online regional gazetteer aimed at local media.
Understanding Islam: Bridging the Worlds of Academia and Journalism
  • Center for Middle Eastern Studies, University of Arizona
  • Project Director(s): Betteridge, Anne
[ project summary ]
The grant will support panel discussions among Islamic studies scholars and journalists at newspaper associations in Arizona and New Mexico. The grant also will support the development of cross-listed Journalism/Near Eastern Studies class on international opinion writing. Project page:
Understanding Muslims and Islam in Michigan and Beyond
  • Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies, University of Michigan
  • Project Director(s): Hagen, Gottfried
[ project summary ]
The funds enable scholars and journalists to develop five one-hour programs exploring Muslim communities in Michigan for broadcast on local public radio affiliates during Morning Edition and All Things Considered. In addition, the grantees will develop this material as interstitials to be broadcast on public television affiliate WFUM, serving southeast and central Michigan.