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Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Fellowship 2015


Christiana Oluwatosin Akinjobi
History and Langauages
Military-Police Relations: assessing specialisation and interactive dynamics of female security forces in the UN peacekeeping missions in Africa
Innocent Badasu
Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy
The role of civil society in Peace-building: A case study of West Africa.
Frederick Der Bebelleh
Social, Political and Historical Studies
Managing Development-Induced Livelihood Vulnerabilities: A Study of Ghana's Bui Dam Affected Peoples' Livelihood Changes
Carolé Cilliers
School for Social and Government Studies
Intersexed bodies and medicine in South Africa
Noleen Leach
Unit for Applied Law
The Paralegal: Access to Justice and the Transformation of the Legal Profession in South Africa
irene doosuur/D Mngutyo
Urban and Regional Planning
Street utilization patterns and sustainable urbanization in Makurdi,Benue State Nigeria
Ruth R Murambadoro
Department of Political Science
Transitional justice and reconciliation in Zimbabwe: A comparative study on tradition-based approaches in three ethnic rural communities
Olivia Nankinga
Population Studies
Health Status and Well Being of Children in Uganda: A Comparative Analysis of Childcare Arrangements in Relatively Secure and Post Conflict Areas
simbarashe nyuke
Social Anthropology
Fear of Violence and the Pentecostalisation of everyday life among migrants in Johannesburg.
Moses Ugochukwu Ohaegbuchi
Institute of African studies
Peacebuiding and Social Transformation by Women Societies in Post-civil War Southeast Nigeria