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2011 Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellowship


Adam D. Baird
University of Bradford, PhD, Peace Studies
Young Men’s Pathways to Violence and Organised Crime: The Case of Medellín, Implications for Policy and Intervention
Damion Blake
Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, PhD Candidate, Political Science
Shadow States and Parallel Power: Unpacking the Roles Played by Jamaican Dons in Garrison Spaces
Diana Bocarejo
Universidad del Rosario, Professor, Escuela de Ciencias Humanas
Innovative “Eco-social” Policies Directed to National Parks in Colombia: Articulating Drug Policy, Peace Strategies and Environmental Conservation
Lina M. Britto
New York University, PhD Candidate, History
The Marijuana Axis: The Origins of Narcotrafficking and the “War on Drugs” in Colombia
Guadalupe Correa-Cabrera
University of Texas at Brownsville, Assistant Professor, Government
Violence on the “Forgotten” (Texas-Tamaulipas) Border: Unemployment, Corruption, and the Paramilitarization of Drug Cartels in Mexico’s "New Democratic" Era
Jose Miguel Cruz
Florida International University, Visiting Assistant Professor, Politics and International Relations
Police and Criminal Violence in Central America
Graham Denyer Willis
Massachusetts Institute of Technology, PhD Candidate, Urban Planning
The Killing Consensus: Police, Organized Crime and the Regulation of Life and Death in Urban Brazil
Angelica Duran Martinez
Brown University, PhD Candidate, Political Science
Criminals, Cops and Politicians: The Dynamics of Drug Violence in Colombia and Mexico
Anthony Wayne Fontes
University of California, Berkeley, PhD Candidate, Geography
Violent Itineraries: Maras and the Military in Guatemala
Corina Giacomello
National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), PhD Candidate, Latin American Studies
The Participation of Women in International Drug Trafficking: A View from the Mexican Penitentiary System
Yanilda Maria Gonzalez
Princeton University, PhD Candidate, Political Science
Reform as a Safety Valve: Causes and Consequences of "Participatory Security"
Paul Carlos Hathazy
University of California, Berkeley, PhD Candidate, Sociology
Democratizing Leviathan: Bureaucracies, Politics and Transnational Experts and the Transformation of Crime Control Policies in Argentina and Chile
Eduardo Moncada
Rutgers University - Newark, Assistant Professor, Political Science
Politics, Business and Violence: Urban Security in Latin America
Juan Felipe Moreno
Johns Hopkins University, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Surviving Aerial Coca Crop Fumigations in Southern Colombia
Susan Virginia Norman
University of Virginia, PhD Candidate, Political Science
From Predatory Rebels to Bureaucratic Rulers: The Politics of Armed Organizations and Strategies in Colombia and Peru
Kevin Lewis O'Neill
University of Toronto, Assistant Professor, Study of Religion
Two Ways Out: Gangs and God in Guatemala
Javier Osorio
University of Notre Dame, PhD Candidate, Political Science
Hobbes on Drugs: Understanding Drug Violence in Mexico
Robert Samet
Stanford University, PhD Candidate, Anthropology
Deadline: Journalism and Fearful Citizenship in Caracas, Venezuela
Wim Savenije
FLACSO Argentina, Lecturer
The Challenges of Community Oriented Policing in El Salvador's Zones of High Insecurity
Michael Jerome Wolff
University of New Mexico, PhD Candidate, Political Science
The Parallels of Drug Trafficking and Insurgency: Legitimacy and Opportunities in Criminal Organization