April 2015

April 24th 2015
The Abe Program is pleased to announce the results of the 2014 Abe Fellowship competition with the introduction of twelve new Japan- and US-based research fellows pursuing international multidisciplinary projects on topics of pressing global concern →
April 16th 2015
Abe fellow Christa Altenstetter (2005) draws on her fellowship research in Medical Technology in Japan: The Politics of Regulation, which addresses the conditions for Japan’s delayed access to modern medicine and new medical devices →
April 7th 2015
Abe fellow Sheila A. Smith (2006) has published Intimate Rivals: Japanese Domestic Politics and a Rising China (Columbia University Press), an outcome of her Abe project →

March 2015

March 26th 2015
Now available from Oxford University Press: Unfinished Work: The Struggle to Build an Aging American Workforce, by Abe and Abe Journalist fellow Joseph Coleman (2011 and 2009), examines the global older worker revolution, from Japan to Europe to the United States →
March 19th 2015
Listen to Abe fellow Daniel Aldrich (2006) discuss the positive role social connections can play in disaster preparation and postdisaster recovery in an interview with Rivet Radio’s Steve Grzanich →

February 2015

February 5th 2015
Abe fellow Sagiri Kitao (2011) has published an article based on her fellowship research in Review of Economic Dynamics: “Sustainable Social Security: Four Options” →
February 3rd 2015
Abe fellow Etsuko Taketani (2002) draws on her fellowship research in her latest book, The Black Pacific Narrative: Geographic Imaginings of Race and Empire between the World Wars, now available from Dartmouth College Press →

December 2014

December 2nd 2014
Abe fellow Daniel Aldrich (2006) has coauthored an article in Social Science and Medicine: "The Physical and Social Determinants of Mortality in the 3.11 Tsunami" →
December 1st 2014
Abe Program fellow Andrew D. Gordon (1995) has been awarded the Order of the Rising Sun by the government of Japan for his contributions to Japanese studies and promotion of mutual understanding between Japan and the United States [in Japanese] →

November 2014

November 13th 2014
Former Abe Program committee member Saito Osamu (2005–12) has been designated a Person of Cultural Merit by the government of Japan, as highlighted by the daily newspaper Nihon Keizai Shimbun [in Japanese] →
November 7th 2014
Abe fellow Yuko Aoyama (2000) has been awarded an academic writing residency from the Rockefeller Foundation’s Bellagio Center in Bellagio, Italy →

October 2014

October 24th 2014
Abe fellow Jennifer Robertson (2010) has published “Human Rights vs. Robot Rights: Forecasts from Japan” in Critical Asian Studies, based on her fellowship research →
October 22nd 2014
Abe fellow Nancy Snow (2012) builds on the perspective of her fellowship experience to offer nine methods for improving Japan’s public diplomacy storytelling in an article for the Diplomat
October 21st 2014
Abe fellow Mary C. Brinton (1994) was awarded a Northeast Asia Council John Whitney Hall Book Prize by the Association for Asian Studies for her book Lost in Transition: Youth, Work, and Instability in Postindustrial Japan
October 8th 2014
Abe fellow Takashi Yoshida (2005) has been named director of the Soga Japan Center in the Haenicke Institute for Global Education at Western Michigan University →

September 2014

September 22nd 2014
Abe Journalist fellow Philip Cunningham (2013) draws on his fellowship research interviewing filmmakers in Beijing for a New York Times op-ed about the Chinese government's promotion of anti-Japanese entertainment: "China's TV War Machine" →
September 16th 2014
At the Atlantic: Sara Mosle uses Abe Journalist fellow Elizabeth Green’s (2010) new book, Building a Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone), as a starting point to discuss challenges to teaching in American schools →
September 8th 2014
Reminder: applications for the Abe Fellowship for Journalists, supporting international reporting on topics of pressing concern to the United States and Japan, are due September 15 →
September 5th 2014
Abe fellow Craig Parsons (2012) has published a working paper at Yokohama National University based on his fellowship research: “Marston (1990) Redux in Japanese Autos at the Retail Level: How Much Pricing-to-Market Is Really Going On?” →
September 3rd 2014
In the New York Times Sunday Book Review, Sebastian Stockman examines 2010 Abe Journalist fellow Elizabeth Green’s new book Building a Better Teacher: How Teaching Works (and How to Teach It to Everyone)