October 2015

October 2nd 2015
Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum deputy director Tatiana Carayannis chaired a roundtable on "New Area Studies in an Era of Global Transformation," sponsored by the SSRC at the inaugural Africa-Asia conference in Accra, Ghana, with participants including program directors Thomas Asher and Seteney Shami and board of directors chair Mamadou Diouf

March 2015

March 16th 2015
Thomas Asher, director of the Academia in the Public Sphere and Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa programs, has been named to the Conflict Resolution Program Advisory Council at the Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding →

September 2014

September 18th 2014
“So Bill Gates Has This Idea for a History Class…”: Bob Bain, a 2012 grantee of Academia in the Public Sphere’s Our Shared Past project, is quoted in Andrew Ross Sorkin’s article for the New York Times as an advisor to the Big History Project →

July 2014

July 11th 2014
Academia in the Public Sphere grantee Marc Lynch (2010, 2011) suggests moral imperatives for social scientific research agendas and policy advice in a Monkey Cage piece at the Washington Post: “Can There Be an Ethical Middle East Political Science?” →

April 2014

April 29th 2014
The Project on Middle East Political Science, a 2011 grantee of the Islamic Traditions and Muslim Societies in World Contexts project of the Academia in the Public Sphere Grants Program, is now housed at the Washington Post's political science blog the Monkey Cage

March 2014

March 26th 2014
Rethinking the Region, the latest outcome of the Academia in the Public Sphere's Our Shared Past project, offers new approaches to US secondary school curricula on the Middle East and North Africa based on fresh critical analysis and scholarship →
March 10th 2014
Our Shared Past in the Mediterranean, a collection of teaching resources and modules funded in part by the Academia in the Public Sphere's Our Shared Past project, has been launched by the Ali Vural Ak Center for Global Islamic Studies at George Mason University →
March 4th 2014
Alliance for Learning in World History, a digital resource hub developed through the Our Shared Past project of the Academia in the Public Sphere Grants Program, has been launched as a collaboration of scholars and educators →

February 2014

February 20th 2014
Islam for Journalists, a free digital primer funded by the Academia in the Public Sphere Grants Program, has been released by the University of Missouri's Donald W. Reynolds Journalism Institute →

April 2013

April 23rd 2013
Academia in the Public Sphere grantee Olivier Roy (2010) reflects on the recent Boston bombings in an interview with the New Republic

August 2012

August 27th 2012
2010 SSRC grantee Shiva Balaghi interviewed by McClatchy about US sanctions against Iran →

July 2012

July 2nd 2012
Read "How Egypt's Army Won," an op-ed for The New York Times by SSRC grantee Joshua Stacher

June 2012

June 25th 2012
Download Arab Uprisings: New Opportunities for Political Science, a collection of essays from SSRC-funded Project on Middle East Political Science, led by Marc Lynch

May 2012

May 30th 2012
Program director Tom Asher will be on a book panel discussing Foundations of the American Century with author Inderjeet Parmar, to be hosted by the Hudson Institute in Washington, DC, on May 31 →
May 30th 2012
As part of a partnership between UIUC and the International Herald Tribune, funded by the Academia in the Public Sphere Grants Program, nine journalism students are currently reporting from Turkey →
May 1st 2012
Read program director Tom Asher's talk "Comparative Perspectives on Crises in Higher Education in Africa and the United States," part of the Global Studies Distinguished Speaker Series at the University of Wisconsin-Madison →

September 2011

September 29th 2011
The Initiative on Academia & the Public Sphere recently hosted a conference in Berlin, titled The Public Mission of the Social Sciences and Humanities: Transformation and Renewal
September 20th 2011
SSRC launches major new grants program on “New Directions in the Study of Prayer”
September 16th 2011
Duke Islamic Studies Center (SSRC grantee) recently hosted a program for news reporters on "Muslims in America: The Next Ten Years"
September 14th 2011
Ahlul Bayt, Iranian news agency, spotlights online course by SSRC grantee on "Covering Islam in America"