April 2014

April 9th 2014
New at Kujenga Amani: Oluwatoyin O. Oluwaniyi discusses challenges and recommendations for "post-amnesty" reintegration in Nigeria's oil-rich Niger Delta region →
April 3rd 2014
Cyril Obi, director of the African Peacebuilding Network, contributed a poem, "Power on the People," to Poems for a Century: An Anthology on Nigeria, published as Nigeria marks a hundred years as a nation →

February 2014

February 26th 2014
New at Kujenga Amani: Olabanji Akinola looks at how poverty, politics, and religion have facilitated the spread of sectarian violence in Nigeria →
February 13th 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network is featured in an Inside Philanthropy piece on the role of African scholars in regional and global policymaking →
February 5th 2014
Deadline extension: applications for the African Peacebuilding Network Residential Postdoctoral Fellowships and Research Grants are now due February 7 →
February 4th 2014
New at Kujenga Amani: Angela Meyer on "The Recent Conflict in the Central African Republic: Which Way Out of the Crisis?" →

January 2014

January 24th 2014
Competitions for the African Peacebuilding Network Residential Postdoctoral Fellowships and Network Research Grants are open for one more week: applications due February 1 →
January 2nd 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network and the Centre for Democracy and Development cohosted a December conference in Abuja, Nigeria, on "Crises of Democracy in West Africa" →

December 2013

December 19th 2013
Letters of interest for the African Peacebuilding Network's Collaborative Working Group Grants are due December 31 →
December 6th 2013
Westgate Mall Attack: Special Issue, a new Kujenga Amani essay collection coordinated and edited by African Peacebuilding Network advisory board member Awino Okech, focuses on the peace and security implications of the September terrorist attack in Nairobi, Kenya →

November 2013

November 26th 2013
The African Peacebuilding Network announces a new Collaborative Working Group Grant opportunity (letters of interest due December 31) →
November 26th 2013
New Kujenga Amani book review: Godwin Onuoha considers Dani Rodrik's The Globalization Paradox: Why Global Markets, States, and Democracy Can’t Coexist
November 18th 2013
New on the Radar at Kujenga Amani: "The Westgate Terrorist Attack: Any Lessons for Kenya’s Approach to Regional Security?" and "The 9/21 Attack on Westgate Mall: Understanding the Youth Factor in Violent Radicalization in Eastern Africa and the Horn of Africa" →
November 8th 2013
For Kujenga Amani's new essay series on mediation, Laurie Nathan writes on Madagascar, the African Union, and "the scourge of coups" →

October 2013

October 1st 2013
Kujenga Amani launches Radar, a feature section on breaking events, with “The Westgate Mall Siege: Reassessing Kenya’s Security Architecture,” by Awino Okech, advisory board member for the African Peacebuilding Network

August 2013

August 26th 2013
New at Kujenga Amani: Linda Darkwa examines Ghana’s recent efforts to reform its elections process →
August 5th 2013
Kujenga Amani continues its series on the 2012 Ghanaian elections with a recent essay by Jasper Ayelazuno →

July 2013

July 15th 2013
New at Kujenga Amani: "The Role of the Security Sector in Ghana’s Democracy: A Case Study of the December 2012 Elections," by Kwesi Aning and Ernest Ansah Lartey →
July 1st 2013
Kujenga Amani is featuring a new piece by Tukumbi Lumumba-Kasongo in its Peacebuilding in Congo essay series →

May 2013

May 16th 2013
New essay at Kujenga Amani suggests historical connections between contemporary conflicts: "Congolese Crisis and Demographic Problems in the African Great Lakes," by Guy Aundu Matsanza →