November 2014

November 24th 2014
Cyril Obi, director of the African Peacebuilding Network, contributed “Oil and Conflict in Nigeria’s Niger Delta Region: Between the Barrel and the Trigger” to the Extractive Industries and Society, a new journal seeking to provide a platform for experts from academia, government, the NGO community, and industry to explore key issues in the mining, oil, and gas economies →
November 6th 2014
Cyril Obi, director of the African Peacebuilding Network, coauthored a chapter on “Nigeria and the Biafran War of Secession,” with Godwin Onuoha of South Africa's Human Sciences Research Council, for the recent Routledge volume Self-Determination and Secession in Africa: The Post-colonial State

October 2014

October 28th 2014
In the latest On the Spot feature at Kujenga Amani, scholar and practitioner respondents explore the issues and challenges related to African Union adoption of Article 46A bis, an immunity clause shielding state leaders from prosecution →
October 22nd 2014
African Peacebuilding Network grantees Kenneth Omeje and Nicodemus Minde (2013) coauthored an article in the Africa Peace and Conflict Journal based on their APN-supported research: “Stakeholder Perspectives on Priorities for Postconflict State Building and Peace Building in South Sudan” →
October 7th 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network invites African academics and researchers who work on conflict and peacebuilding and are based at universities in Africa to apply for APN Residential Postdoctoral Fellowships, providing support for residencies abroad both in Africa and the United States (applications due December 14) →
October 3rd 2014
New at Kujenga Amani: Toyin Ajao discusses the increasing prevalence of Ushahidi, a crowdsourcing platform that maps crises online, and other new media technologies that are shaping the nature of conflict and peacebuilding in the global south →

September 2014

September 30th 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network has awarded a range of grants and fellowships to twenty-four African scholars and practitioners to support and promote high-quality, policy-relevant social science research focusing on peacebuilding in Africa →
September 23rd 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network is now accepting applications for Individual Research Grants, supporting independent African research and its integration into regional and global policy communities (due December 14) →
September 19th 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network held an international conference in Dakar, Senegal, with the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa on "International Criminal Justice, Reconciliation, and Peace in Africa: The ICC and Beyond" [video available] →
September 15th 2014
The first of two African Peacebuilding Network workshops for 2014 Individual Research Grants recipients, held in Nairobi, Kenya, helped grantees refine their research focus and methodologies before beginning fieldwork →
September 8th 2014
African Peacebuilding Network staff and advisory board members attended an international conference on “Society and Security in Africa” in Nairobi, Kenya, hosted by program partner the African Leadership Centre →
September 4th 2014
New at Kujenga Amani: "The Central African Republic Crisis: Neighboring Countries and the Prospects for Peace,” by Kiven James Kewir →

August 2014

August 29th 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network has published the second in its APN Working Papers series: "Just Peace: Achieving Peace, Justice, and Development in Post-conflict Africa,” by Dan Kuwali [PDF available] →
August 12th 2014
At Kujenga Amani, researcher and journalist Nicodemus Minde reflects on peace efforts in Tanzania since the advent of multiparty politics: “Democracy versus Stability: Political Reconciliation and the Government of National Unity in Zanzibar” →
August 11th 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network and partner organization the African Leadership Centre will cohost two peacebuilding in Africa conferences with Wilton Park, the first to be held in the United Kingdom in February 2015 and the second in Africa →

July 2014

July 8th 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network will cohost a conference with the Council for the Development of Social Science Research in Africa on “International Criminal Justice, Reconciliation and Peace in Africa: the ICC and Beyond,” in Dakar, Senegal, from July 10-12 →
July 7th 2014
The Kujenga Amani essay series on Elections & Governance continues with fresh analysis from Malawian professor Blessings Chinsinga: “The May 2014 Malawi Elections: A Democratic Success Story?” →

June 2014

June 10th 2014
Featured essay at Kujenga Amani: “Post-M23 Euphoria and the Recurrent Peace Dividends in Eastern DRC,” by Christoph Vogel →
June 5th 2014
African Peacebuilding Network fellow Cori Wielenga (2013) has published an article based on her APN-supported research in Strategic Review for Southern Africa: “Reconciliation from the Top Down? Government Institutions in South Africa, Rwanda and Burundi” →

May 2014

May 15th 2014
The African Peacebuilding Network has published the first in a series of APN Working Papers: "The Financing of International Peace Operations in Africa: A Review of Recent Research and Analyses," by Corinna Jentzsch [PDF available] →