April 2014

April 2nd 2014
A new paper by the DRC Affinity Group examines one of the eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo’s oldest armed groups, the FDLR, and how to dismantle it: “FDLR: Past, Present, and Policies” →

March 2014

March 27th 2014
Announcing the China-Africa Knowledge Project Resource Hub, a one-stop digital shop for researchers and practitioners working on the China-Africa relationship →
March 25th 2014
In a two-part essay for African Futures, Gilles Olakounlé Yabi examines a critical moment for political and economic stability: “Anxieties of West African Democracy: Six Presidential Elections in 2014–2015” [also available in the original French] →

February 2014

February 19th 2014
New from the Justice and Security Research Program: JSRP Paper No. 11, coauthored by Tatiana Carayannis, deputy director of the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum, and former program associate Nathaniel Olin: "Practice without Evidence: Interrogating Conflict Resolution Approaches and Assumptions" →

December 2013

December 18th 2013
CPPF deputy director Tatiana Carayannis spoke about responses to governance and security challenges in the Democratic Republic of the Congo at a conference hosted by the Royal Institute for International Relations in Brussels →
December 18th 2013
CPPF associate director Renata Segura has coauthored a journal article for Colombia Internacional: "Constitutional Assemblies and Democracy: A Critical Reading of the Andean Region’s New Constitutionalism" [in Spanish] →
December 10th 2013
Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum associate director Renata Segura and program associate Sabrina Stein coauthored "The Global Drug Policy Debate: Experiences from the Americas and Europe,” the latest in the West Africa Commission on Drugs Background Paper Series →
December 6th 2013
The China-Africa Knowledge Project hosted a conference with Yale University on "Making Sense of the China-Africa Relationship: Theoretical Approaches and the Politics of Knowledge," with a keynote lecture by sociologist Immanuel Wallerstein on "China, Africa, and the World-System since 1945" [video of lecture provided] →

October 2013

October 11th 2013
Former program director Alex de Waal writes for African Futures: "Making Sense of the Protests in Khartoum" →

August 2013

August 12th 2013
Read the latest essay at African Futures: "Popular Mobilization and the New Politics of Resource Sovereignty in Tanzania," by Priya Lal →
August 1st 2013
The Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum held an informational meeting at the SSRC’s Brooklyn office for fellows from the African Leadership Centre, King's College London →

May 2013

May 28th 2013
New at African Futures: Alex Thurston addresses impediments to conflict resolution in Nigeria in "Amnesty for Boko Haram: Lessons from the Past" →
May 21st 2013
CPPF program director Bill O'Neill analyzes legal decisions related to the pending appellate decision in the case against Haiti's former president Jean-Claude Duvalier for Haitian daily Le Nouvelliste [in French] →

March 2013

March 6th 2013
CPPF program director Bill O'Neill pens Miami Herald op-ed: "Duvalier Must Face Justice" →

February 2013

February 22nd 2013
CPPF deputy director Tatiana Carayannis gave a talk on "The Dilemmas of Activist-based Research and Research-based Activism" at a February 7 seminar on Conducting Fieldwork in African Conflict Areas and the Question of Proximity, held at Ghent University, Belgium →
February 12th 2013
New at African Futures: "Urban Protests and Rural Violence in Africa: A Call for an Integrated Approach," by Zachariah Mampilly →

December 2012

December 17th 2012
At African Futures: "A History of Resistance in the Congo," by Herbert Weiss, contextualizes the current political crisis in the Democratic Republic of the Congo →
December 13th 2012
CPPF program director William O'Neill comments on US violations of international law at Guantánamo Bay prison for Al Jazeera →
December 7th 2012
CPPF program associate Sabrina Stein contributed a chapter titled “The UN and Genocide: A Comparative Analysis of Rwanda and the Former Yugoslavia” to the recent book The Politics and Policies of Relief, Aid and Reconstruction (Palgrave, 2012) →

November 2012

November 1st 2012
CPPF program associate Sabrina Stein examines Uruguay's decriminalization of abortion for the International Peace Institute's Global Observatory