April 2015

April 3rd 2015
Announcing Implications of Normalization: Scholarly Perspectives on US-Cuban Relations, a digital essay collection from the Cuba Program and the Center for Latin American and Latino Studies (CLALS) at American University →

March 2014

March 7th 2014
Bolivia's Los Tiempos reports on the newly restored and digitized Ernest Hemingway Collection, a project initiated by the Cuba Program [in Spanish] →

February 2014

February 19th 2014
The New York Times reports on the JFK Presidential Library and Museum's newly digitized Hemingway Collection, a collaborative preservation project pioneered by the Cuba Program

October 2012

October 25th 2012
Sarah Doty, director of the Cuba Program, writes about Cuba's more open 2013 emigration policy in an article for the International Peace Institute's Global Observatory

March 2011

March 22nd 2011
Stanley Katz, former SSRC Board member and long-time participant in the SSRC Working Group on Cuba, awarded the National Humanities Medal →

February 2011

February 14th 2011
Friends and colleagues rally to support Peruvian scholar Carlos Iván Degregori

January 2011

January 21st 2011
Cuban members of ACLS/SSRC working group get visas to attend meeting in US for first time in ten years →
January 21st 2011
Cuban Libraries and Archives Committee plans digitization initiative for Cuban 19th century publishing →

July 2010

July 1st 2010
SSRC hosts a planning meeting outlining a new partnership on migration with the University of Havana →

June 2009

June 24th 2009
Susan Wrynn of the JFK Library, partner in SSRC’s project to rescue the Hemingway’s Cuba papers, in CBS Evening News report →

May 2009

May 27th 2009
Stan Katz recounts Working Group on Cuba’s final meeting with Cuban librarians and archivists who, with foreign specialists, worked to enhance cultural heritage preservation on the island. →

January 2009

January 8th 2009
Experts Available for Interviews on Hemingway’s Cuba Papers →
January 6th 2009
Bell Tolls for Hemingway’s Papers, and SSRC Answers →

December 2008

December 10th 2008
SSRC part of coalition that urging Obama to reverse policies on travel and people-to-people exchanges with Cuba →