February 2016

February 8th 2016
In a piece at Slate, DPDF fellow Laura J. Martin (2012) discusses how x-ray images taken after the detonation of two fission bombs in 1946 revealed the effects of radiation on ecosystems →

January 2016

January 14th 2016
DPDF fellow David J. Alworth (2009) draws on his fellowship work in Site Reading: Fiction, Art, Social Form (Princeton University Press), which examines how the literary figuration of real, material environments reorients our sense of social relations →
January 6th 2016
2011 DPDF Provincializing Global Urbanism research field codirector Ananya Roy and fellow Stuart Schrader coauthored “Gray Areas: The War on Poverty at Home and Abroad” in Territories of Poverty: Rethinking North and South, coedited by Roy (University of Georgia Press) →

December 2015

December 21st 2015
DPDF fellow Christopher Heaney (2010) has cofounded Backlist, a website featuring recommended history books for the general reader →
December 18th 2015
International Dissertation Research Fellowship and Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship fellows Sarah E. Parkinson (2009 and 2008) and Orkideh Behrouzan (2009 and 2008) draw on their fellowship research in an article for Social Science and Medicine: “Negotiating Health and Life: Syrian Refugees and the Politics of Access in Lebanon” →
December 17th 2015
A New York Times piece comparing integration experiences of immigrant populations in the European Union and the United States cites scholarship by DPDF research director Nancy Foner, who co-led the 2010 research field on Multiculturalism, Immigration, and Identity in Western Europe and the United States →

November 2015

November 24th 2015
Codirector of the 2011 DPDF research field Bridging, Bonding, and Bordering: Migrant Strategies and State Policies Virginie Guiraudon speaks with National Public Radio on intensifying religious tensions in Marseilles and France after the attacks in Paris earlier this month →

October 2015

October 30th 2015
An outcome of their Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship research and DPDF Alumni Initiative work, 2008 fellows Daren E. Ray and Joshua Gedacht coedited and authored articles for a special issue of the Muslim World on "Muslim Modernities: Interdisciplinary Insights across Time and Space," which includes contributions by cohort research directors Charles Kurzman and Bruce B. Lawrence as well as cohort members Dunya Cakir and Timur Yuskaev
October 14th 2015
IDRF and DPDF fellow Adrien Zakar (2014 and 2013) draws on his SSRC-supported research for an article in the International Journal of Middle East Studies: "The End of Ottoman Positivism: The Gökalp-al-Husari Debate of 1916" →

September 2015

September 21st 2015
IDRF and DPDF fellow Brian Jacobson (2009 and 2007) has published Studios Before the System: Architecture, Technology, and the Emergence of Cinematic Space (Columbia University Press), based on his SSRC-supported dissertation research →

August 2015

August 26th 2015
The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship is pleased to announce its 2015 cohort: 64 fellows will develop their projects through interdisciplinary workshops and exploratory summer research on topics from the regulation of alcohol in China to a global history of cancer research →
August 12th 2015
Applications for the 2016 Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship, providing graduate students in the humanities and social sciences with interdisciplinary training support to formulate innovative doctoral dissertation proposals, are due October 15 →

June 2015

June 12th 2015
Working papers presented at "Pushing the Boundaries of Migration Studies: Perspectives from the U.S. and France," a conference cosponsored by the Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship Program and Harvard University's Transnational Studies Initiative, are now available online, featuring contributions by DPDF fellows Anne Bouhali (2012), Matthieu Mazzega (2010), Josepha Milazzo (2012), Guillaume T. Ma Mung (2010), Sihé Néya (2012), Cynthia Salloum (2011), and Evren Yalaz (2010) →

May 2015

May 28th 2015
DPDF fellow Melissa Adler (2010) has coauthored "Social Scientists’ Data Sharing Behaviors: Investigating the Roles of Individual Motivations, Institutional Pressures, and Data Repositories” in Elsevier's International Journal of Information Management
May 20th 2015
Drawing on her fellowship research, Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship fellow Andrea L. Korda (2009) uses a media archaeology approach in proposing an alternative trajectory for the development of modernism in Printing and Painting the News in Victorian London: "The Graphic" and Social Realism, 1869–1891 (now available from Ashgate Publishing) →
May 6th 2015
In Remixing Reggaetón: The Cultural Politics of Race in Puerto Rico, Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship fellow Petra R. Rivera-Rideau (2007) draws on her fellowship research in looking at how reggaetón musicians critique official discourses of "racial democracy" (now available from Duke University Press) →

April 2015

April 22nd 2015
DPDF fellow Ramzi Fawaz (2007) will speak at Queer/Art/Poetics: A Conference on the Art of Queer Theory, presented by the Sexual Politics/Sexual Poetics Collective, to be held at Wesleyan University April 23–25 →
April 20th 2015
Participants in the 2013 Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship research field Critical Approaches to Human Rights, including research director Amy Ross and fellows Austin Kocher, Laura Matson, Jaimie Morse, and Azita Ranjbar, will discuss the complexities of human rights research at the Association of American Geographers’ annual meeting in Chicago this week →
April 8th 2015
Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship fellow Kyrstin Mallon Andrews (2014) won the Society for Latin American and Caribbean Anthropology's Roseberry Nash Student Paper Contest for her essay titled “Sinks for the Press: Cholera and State Performance of Power at the Dominican Border,” drawn from her Hispaniola-based research →
April 1st 2015
At Youth Circulations, International Dissertation Research Fellowship and Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship fellow Stephanie Maher (2012 and 2011) draws on her fieldwork in Senegal for “Interrogating the Wave: Media Representations of African Migrant Youth" →