January 2015

January 22nd 2015
Fellow Jeremy Slack (2013) draws on his Drugs, Security and Democracy research as a Cronkite News source for an article on heroin trafficking across the Arizona border →
January 7th 2015
“Ganja and Globalization in St. Vincent”: Drugs, Security and Democracy fellow Kevin Edmonds (2014) discusses his research on the economic effects of the World Trade Organization and the movement toward the liberalization of drug laws in the Caribbean in an article for Stabroek News, Guyana’s leading daily newspaper →

December 2014

December 19th 2014
Now open for applications: the Drugs, Security and Democracy (DSD) Program Fellowship, supporting short-term research that contributes to the literature on drugs in Latin America and the Caribbean, on topics and countries that are central to drug policy discussions in the region and beyond (due March 2) →

November 2014

November 18th 2014
Illicit Networks and Politics in Latin America, coedited by DSD fellow Catalina Uribe Burcher (2012), is now available from the International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance, the Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy, and the Netherlands Institute of International Relations [in Spanish] →
November 13th 2014
"Race, Class, and Cannabis in the Caribbean": DSD fellow Kevin Edmonds (2014) writes on the complexities of drug legalization in an article for the North American Congress on Latin America (NACLA) →
November 10th 2014
DSD fellow Thomas Grisaffi (2013) has published an updated version of his encyclopedia article “Drugs Policy Reform in Latin America” in South America, Central America and the Caribbean 2015 (Routledge) →

October 2014

October 2nd 2014
In the latest On the Line podcast, Drugs, Security and Democracy fellow Thomas Grisaffi (2013) discusses his research on social and economic policy surrounding coco leaf production in Chapare Province, Bolivia →

September 2014

September 24th 2014
2013 DSD fellows Zoe Pearson and Thomas Grisaffi coauthored a piece for Foreign Policy in Focus: “Washington Snubs Bolivia on Drug Policy Reform, Again” →
September 3rd 2014
DSD fellow Kevin Lewis O’Neill (2011) leads reporter Linda Pressly through Pentecostal churches in Guatemala as she investigates compulsory drug rehabilitation in a program for BBC Radio →
September 2nd 2014
DSD fellow Catalina Uribe Burcher (2012) has published an article in openDemocracy: “Organized Crime, Colombia’s Peace Spoiler?" →

July 2014

July 3rd 2014
Drugs, Security and Democracy Program fellows Corina Giacomello (2011) and Thomas Grisaffi (2013) contributed to the latest issue of the North American Congress on Latin America magazine Report on the Americas, which has as its topic "Reimagining Drug Policy in the Americas" →

June 2014

June 17th 2014
DSD and IDRF fellow Nicholas Barnes (2012) writes about his field research in "Rio de Janeiro’s BOPE and Police Pacification: Fear and Intimidation in Complexo da Maré" for Anthropoliteia
June 17th 2014
DSD and IDRF fellow Nicholas Barnes (2012) writes on the increasingly controversial police efforts to combat drug trafficking gangs in Rio de Janeiro for World Politics Review
June 5th 2014
DSD fellow Araceli Galante (2012) coauthored a chapter for In Search of Rights: Drug Users and State Responses in Latin America, a study from the Research Consortium on Drugs and the Law that evaluates governmental responses to drug consumption in eight countries →

May 2014

May 29th 2014
In the latest On the Line podcast, Drugs, Security and Democracy fellows Teo Ballvé (2012) and Winifred Tate (2012) discuss their research on drugs, paramilitarism, and political participation in Colombia →
May 29th 2014
DSD and IDRF fellow Teo Ballvé (2012) writes on land conflict, drug trafficking, and the Colombian peace talks in an op-ed for the New York Times
May 22nd 2014
The Drugs, Security and Democracy program has selected its 2014 cohort, providing dissertation and postdoctoral fellowships to international scholars for 14 policy-relevant research projects in English, Portuguese, and Spanish →
May 5th 2014
DSD and IDRF fellow Angélica Durán Martínez (2011 and 2010) will participate in a panel on "The Drug Economy and the Role of the FARC" at the Wilson Center, part of a May 13 meeting on drug trafficking and Colombia's peace process (free and open to the public) →
May 5th 2014
DSD fellow Javier Osorio (2011) spoke on a "Counter-Narcotic Policies" panel at a workshop on violence and security in Latin America held at Cornell University →
May 2nd 2014
DSD and IDRF fellow Alex Fattal (2012 and 2009) has published an article in American Ethnologist: "Hostile Remixes on YouTube: A New Constraint on Pro-FARC Counterpublics in Colombia" →