August 2014

August 8th 2014
Open for applications: Mellon Mays Predoctoral Research Grants, providing former Mellon Mays Undergraduate Fellows support for graduate studies enhancement, predoctoral research development, and dissertation completion (deadline November 1) →

June 2013

June 21st 2013
Abe Fellow Daniel Aldrich (2006) has published a new article, "Taking the High Ground: FEMA Trailer Siting after Hurricane Katrina," in Public Administration Review
June 13th 2013
The Abe Fellowship, supporting US- and Japan-based research communities, is now accepting applications. Deadline: September 1 →

May 2013

May 13th 2013
The Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship is now accepting applications for the 2013 Faculty Field Competition. Deadline: October 1 →

April 2013

April 29th 2013
"São Paulo: Insecure Citizens, All of Them": DSD Fellow Graham Denyer Willis (2011) illustrates the roots of violent conflict between the Primeiro Comando da Capital and Brazilian police in an article for Open Democracy
April 25th 2013
Abe Fellow Jacques Hymans (2007) considers North Korea's path to nuclear weapons in part 2 of the Federation of American Scientists' Strategic Security Blog Q&A "Better Understanding North Korea" →
April 23rd 2013
Academia in the Public Sphere grantee Olivier Roy (2010) reflects on the recent Boston bombings in an interview with the New Republic
April 10th 2013
New Directions in the Study of Prayer grantee Tanya Luhrmann (2012) opens her series of guest op-eds for the New York Times with "How Skeptics and Believers Can Connect" →

March 2013

March 13th 2013
DSD Fellow Federico Pérez (2012) argues for care and caution in the repopulation of urban conflict zones in an article for Open Democracy: "Peopling Space: Contemporary Redevelopment in Bogotá" →
March 4th 2013
The Inter-Asia Program is now accepting applications for its Postdoctoral Fellowship for Transregional Research. Deadline: March 29 →

February 2013

February 27th 2013
Now accepting applications: the 2013 Korean Studies Workshop for Junior Faculty, providing support for the conceptualization and planning of a dissertation-based scholarly monograph. Deadline: April 30 →
February 22nd 2013
DPDF and the University of California Humanities Research Institute are cohosting a conference titled "After Secularization" at UC Irvine, March 1–2 →

January 2013

January 14th 2013
Op-ed by DSD Fellow Teo Ballvé (2012) picked up by McClatchy: "Hugo Chavez's Career Deserves Honest Assessment" →
January 10th 2013
Only ten days remain to apply for a Drugs, Security and Democracy Fellowship, funding policy-relevant research in Latin America and the Caribbean. Deadline: January 20 →
January 7th 2013
DSD Fellow Daniel Esser (2012) discusses his research on community responses to violence in Mexico for NPR's Fronteras video series →
January 3rd 2013
Abe Fellow Setsuko Kamiya (2009) reports for the Japan Times on new challenges to the practice of double jeopardy in Japan’s courts →

December 2012

December 20th 2012
DSD Fellow Graham Denyer Willis (2011) discusses the resurgence of violence in São Paulo on an episode of Al Jazeera's The Stream
December 6th 2012
DSD Fellow Graham Denyer Willis (2011) has written an op-ed for the New York Times about ongoing violence between police and organized crime groups in São Paulo, Brazil →

November 2012

November 19th 2012
In an op-ed for the Progressive, DSD Fellow Teo Ballvé (2012) writes on the lack of engagement with Latin America in the US presidential race →
November 19th 2012
DSD Fellow Federico Pérez (2012) reports for the Caravan on how Bogotá’s urban renewal projects are displacing longtime residents →