June 2015

June 25th 2015
The InterAsia Program is now accepting applications for its Transregional Research Junior Scholar Fellowship, supporting the advancement of transregional research and interdisciplinary scholarship under the rubric InterAsian Contexts and Connections (due August 25) →

May 2015

May 22nd 2015
The InterAsia Program’s Transregional Virtual Research Institute members Paula Chakravartty and Srirupa Roy coedited and wrote the introduction for "Modi and the Media: Indian Politics and Electoral Aftermath," a special issue of Television and New Media that also includes articles by TVRI members Somnath Batabyal and Aswin Punathambekar

April 2015

April 23rd 2015
The InterAsia Program is now accepting workshop director applications for InterAsian Connections V: Seoul, the fifth conference in a series dedicated to exploring themes that transform conventional understandings of Asia (due June 5) →
April 9th 2015
"Forms of Presence of the Social Sciences in the Arab Region," a preliminary report by sociologist Mohammed Bamyeh, was presented in Beirut at the second conference of the Arab Council for the Social Sciences, an organization headed by Middle East and North Africa Program and InterAsia Program director Seteney Shami, as covered by Al-Fanar Media →

March 2015

March 26th 2015
Transregional Research Postdoctoral fellow Laurie Margot Ross (2012) has organized a roundtable, “Thinking across Regions and Disciplines: A Conversation on Inter-Asia Research,” to be held on Friday at the 2015 Association for Asian Studies Annual Conference, featuring InterAsia Partnership steering committee member Prasenjit Duara as a panelist →
March 25th 2015
In an article at CounterPunch, Transregional Research Postdoctoral fellow Kevin Schwartz (2013) argues Benjamin Netanyahu’s speech to Congress may have provided a path for normalized relations between the United States and Iran →

December 2014

December 22nd 2014
Transregional Postdoctoral fellow Nergis Ertürk (2012) has organized a roundtable discussion at the 2015 Modern Language Association Convention, “Claiming West Asia: How to Think as a Continentalist,” featuring InterAsia Program director Seteney Shami, Ali Behdad, and Veli N. Yashin as speakers, with Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak in response [open to convention participants] →
December 8th 2014
InterAsia Partnership steering committee member Prasenjit Duara authored The Crisis of Global Modernity: Asian Traditions and a Sustainable Future, the first book in a Cambridge University Press series titled Asian Connections and edited by InterAsian Connections Conference Series participants Tim Harper, Engseng Ho, and Sunil Amrith
December 1st 2014
InterAsia Partnership steering committee member Helen F. Siu coedited Asia Inside Out: Changing Times, a survey of unnoticed moments that have redefined Asia over the past five centuries, now available from Harvard University Press →

October 2014

October 29th 2014
Seteney Shami, director of the Middle East and North Africa Program and the InterAsia Program, comments on the short- and long-term challenges for research and development of academic disciplines in the Arab world for an Al-Fanar Media article: “Arab Uprisings Echo in the Social Sciences" →
October 23rd 2014
Transregional Research Postdoctoral fellow Xiaobo Su (2013) has organized “China in Asia: Historical Connections and Contemporary Engagement,” a two-day conference cosponsored by the InterAsia Program exploring the changing relations between China and its neighbors and featuring presentations by five additional cohort members, to be held at the University of Oregon, October 25–26 →
October 23rd 2014
Transregional Postdoctoral Research fellow Anya Bernstein (2012) received a Davis Center Book Prize in Political and Social Studies honorable mention from the Association for Slavic, East European, and Eurasian Studies for her book Religious Bodies Politic: Rituals of Sovereignty in Buryat Buddhism
October 10th 2014
The InterAsia Program, in conjunction with its Transregional Virtual Research Institute partners, cosponsored “Media as Activism,” an international conference held in New Delhi, India →

September 2014

September 18th 2014
The InterAsia Program is presenting a Transregional Virtual Research Institute symposium on Symbolic Dimensions of Mediated Activism, September 26 at the University of Pennsylvania (RSVP to attend) →
September 10th 2014
Transregional Research Postdoctoral fellow Kevin Schwartz (2013) has published a review of A Thousand Years of the Persian Book, a curation of a millennium of textual production across the Persianate world, on exhibit at the US Library of Congress through September 20 →
September 2nd 2014
An edited transcript of “Istanbul Conversations,” a roundtable discussion organized by the InterAsia Program's Transregional Virtual Research Institute for the 2013 conference Inter-Asian Connections IV, has been published in Media, Culture and Society

July 2014

July 18th 2014
Transregional Research Postdoctoral fellow Kevin Schwartz (2013) recommends a reevaluation of Iran's behavior as a state in an opinion piece for the Baltimore Sun: "An Enemy Revisited: Compared with ISIS, Iran No Longer Seems Like Such a Threat" →

June 2014

June 24th 2014
Transregional Research Postdoctoral and IDRF fellow Wazhmah Osman (2013 and 2009) has published an article in Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society: "On Media, Social Movements, and Uprisings: Lessons from Afghanistan, Its Neighbors, and Beyond" →

May 2014

May 1st 2014
Transregional Research Postdoctoral fellow Kevin Schwartz (2013) has organized a conference, “The Wide World of Persian: Connections and Contestations, 1500 until Today,” cohosted by the Library of Congress and the Roshan Institute of Persian Studies at the University of Maryland, to be held May 2 and 3 →

April 2014

April 24th 2014
Transregional Research Postdoctoral fellow Wazhmah Osman (2013) will screen her documentary Postcards from Tora Bora, a personal perspective on three decades of war in Afghanistan, for discussion at the SSRC-NYU "Workshop on Infrastructures of Empire," on Saturday, April 26 (open to the public) →