October 2015

October 23rd 2015
Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop participant Deokhyo Choi (2009) was awarded the Humanities Dissertation Prize at the 2015 International Convention of Asia Scholars →

September 2015

September 10th 2015
Korean Studies Workshop for Junior Faculty and Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop participant June Hee Kwon (2014 and 2010) has published "The Work of Waiting: Love and Money in Korean Chinese Transnational Migration" in Cultural Anthropology, coming out of her SSRC-supported work →

August 2015

August 18th 2015
KSJF and KSDW participant June Hee Kwon's (2014 and 2010) dissertation, "Mobile Ethnicity: The Formation of the Korean Chinese Transnational Migrant Class," is reviewed by Caren Freeman of the University of Virginia at Dissertation Reviews

November 2014

November 19th 2014
KSDW participant Jae-Yon Lee’s (2009) dissertation, “Magazines and the Collective Rise of Literary Writers in Korea, 1919–1927,” is reviewed by Christina Yi of the University of British Columbia at Dissertation Reviews
November 5th 2014
KSDW participant Seong Gee Um’s (2010) dissertation, “At the Bottom: Migrant Workers in the South Korean Long-Term Care Market,” is reviewed by Naeyun Lee of the University of Chicago at Dissertation Reviews

October 2014

October 24th 2014
KSDW participant Olga Fedorenko’s (2011) dissertation, “Tending to the ‘Flower of Capitalism’: Consuming, Producing and Censoring Advertising in South Korea of the ’00s,” is reviewed by Bonnie Tilland of the University of Washington at Dissertation Reviews
October 15th 2014
KSDW participant Kwang-Hyung Park’s (2011) dissertation, “After the Crossroads: Neo-liberal Globalization, Democratic Transition, and Progressive Urban Community Activism in South Korea,” is reviewed by Jacob Reidhead of Stanford University at Dissertation Reviews

July 2013

July 18th 2013
Hae Yeon Choo, IDRF Fellow (2008) and Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop participant (2008), has a new Gender & Society article based on her SSRC-supported research: "The Cost of Rights: Migrant Women, Feminist Advocacy, and Gendered Morality in South Korea" →

February 2013

February 27th 2013
Now accepting applications: the 2013 Korean Studies Workshop for Junior Faculty, providing support for the conceptualization and planning of a dissertation-based scholarly monograph. Deadline: April 30 →

June 2010

June 25th 2010
Saeyoung Park, Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop (KSDW) alumna, writes on nationalism and monuments in S. Korea for ‘Asia-Pacific Journal’ →