May 2014

May 28th 2014
The Migration Program and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences convened American and Chinese social scientists from a range of disciplinary backgrounds in Beijing for the final meeting of the CASS-SSRC Common Concerns Seminar Series on "Migration, Social Development and Social Protection in China and the US" →

April 2014

April 28th 2014
Josh DeWind, director of the Migration Program, will speak at Georgetown University this Friday, May 2, at a public workshop on "Addressing the Asylum Crisis" [register to attend] →

June 2012

June 27th 2012
Listen to program director Josh DeWind discussing US-China immigration policy on China Radio International's weekly news magazine Today [mp3] →

October 2010

October 8th 2010
Now available: Video of the Religious Lives of Migrant Minorities conference outlining findings on religion in the day-to-day lives of international migrants →

May 2009

May 7th 2009
SSRC researchers compare findings on the religious lives of migrant minorities at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. →

April 2009

April 24th 2009
The Migration Program announces the availability of new resources on migration and development for free download. →

May 2008

May 22nd 2008
"Too little too late" immigration policy threatens South Africa's fragile democracy, according to SSRC Migration Program advisor Loren Landau. →