November 2014

November 14th 2014
Out now from NYU Press and the SSRC: Diaspora Lobbies and the US Government: Convergence and Divergence in Making Foreign Policy, edited by Josh DeWind, director of the Migration and Dissertation Proposal Development Fellowship programs, and Renata Segura, associate director of the Conflict Prevention and Peace Forum

May 2014

May 28th 2014
The Migration Program and the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences convened American and Chinese social scientists from a range of disciplinary backgrounds in Beijing for the final meeting of the CASS-SSRC Common Concerns Seminar Series on "Migration, Social Development and Social Protection in China and the US" →

April 2014

April 28th 2014
Josh DeWind, director of the Migration Program, will speak at Georgetown University this Friday, May 2, at a public workshop on "Addressing the Asylum Crisis" [register to attend] →

June 2012

June 27th 2012
Listen to program director Josh DeWind discussing US-China immigration policy on China Radio International's weekly news magazine Today [mp3] →

October 2010

October 8th 2010
Now available: Video of the Religious Lives of Migrant Minorities conference outlining findings on religion in the day-to-day lives of international migrants →

May 2009

May 7th 2009
SSRC researchers compare findings on the religious lives of migrant minorities at the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Religious and Ethnic Diversity. →

April 2009

April 24th 2009
The Migration Program announces the availability of new resources on migration and development for free download. →

May 2008

May 22nd 2008
"Too little too late" immigration policy threatens South Africa's fragile democracy, according to SSRC Migration Program advisor Loren Landau. →