November 2014

November 19th 2014
The Immanent Frame series Aggressive Prayers, Curses, and Maledictions concludes with a piece by Thomas J. Csordas on “Malediction, Exorcism, and Evil” →

October 2014

October 27th 2014
”What Is a Catholic Family?”: New Directions in the Study of Prayer grantee Peter Manseau (2012) reflects on issues surrounding a recent meeting of Catholic bishops at the Vatican in an op-ed for the New York Times
October 20th 2014
The Huffington Post draws on the Religion and the Public Sphere digital project The Religious Engagements of American Undergraduates for a story on spiritual life on campus →
October 17th 2014
At Reverberations: New Directions in the Study of Prayer grantee Mark Aveyard discusses his research on embodied cognition and the physicality of prayer →
October 7th 2014
New at The Immanent Frame: “In Whose Name? ISIS, Islam, and Social Media,” by Richard Amesbury →

September 2014

September 22nd 2014
At The Immanent Frame: “Short Skirts and Niqab Bans: On Sexuality and the Secular Body,” by Jennifer A. Selby and Mayanthi L. Fernando →

August 2014

August 25th 2014
Religions and Their Publics, a new series at The Immanent Frame, opens with a piece by James Bielo on the design and construction of Ark Encounter, a Kentucky theme park centered on the Genesis story of Noah →
August 21st 2014
NDSP grantee Courtney Bender (2012) introduces a new discussion portal at Reverberations that will explore the architecture of multifaith prayer spaces →
August 6th 2014
At The Immanent Frame, Devin Byker considers the renaissance of political theology within early modern literary studies →

July 2014

July 22nd 2014
New at Reverberations: urban ethnologist Kathrin Wildner shares inventive methodological approaches from the interdisciplinary Global Prayers project →
July 16th 2014
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan’s piece “The Impossibility of Religious Freedom,” originally published at The Immanent Frame, is featured at Salon
July 9th 2014
At The Immanent Frame, Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, professor of both law and religion, writes on “The Impossibility of Religious Freedom,” challenging liberals and scholars to move beyond culture-wars framing of the Supreme Court Hobby Lobby and Wheaton College decisions →

June 2014

June 4th 2014
New at The Immanent Frame: “Jesus, Religion, and Revolution in the South African Elections,” by Rachel C. Schneider →

May 2014

May 21st 2014
Journalist Peter Manseau, a New Directions in the Study of Prayer grantee, writes on mindfulness apps for Al Jazeera America in “The Quantified Soul,” a story developed with SSRC support →
May 14th 2014
A new Book Blog at The Immanent Frame features Peter van der Veer's The Modern Spirit of Asia, with reviews and author commentary →

April 2014

April 14th 2014
New at The Immanent Frame: Amr Ezzat argues that in Egypt the state functions as a de facto church, monitoring and maintaining “politico-religious loyalty” →
April 11th 2014
The SSRC Forum Reverberations, a project of the program on Religion and the Public Sphere, has been nominated for a Webby Award in the Religion & Spirituality category; voting for the People's Voice Award closes April 24 →
April 4th 2014
New Directions in the Study of Prayer grantees Elizabeth Drescher and Tanya Luhrmann comment for Reader’s Digest in a story on "How and Why We Pray" →

March 2014

March 18th 2014
Religion and the Public Sphere editorial and program associate Wei Zhu reviews the new comic Ms. Marvel for Religion Dispatches magazine: "Muslim, Immigrant, Teenager . . . Superhero: How Ms. Marvel Will Save the World" →
March 12th 2014
Beyond Critique, the latest essay series at The Immanent Frame, closes with "'After the Shipwreck': Interpreting Religion in International Relations," by Gregorio Bettiza →