April 2014

April 14th 2014
New at The Immanent Frame: Amr Ezzat argues that in Egypt the state functions as a de facto church, monitoring and maintaining “politico-religious loyalty” →
April 11th 2014
The SSRC Forum Reverberations, a project of the program on Religion in the Public Sphere, has been nominated for a Webby Award in the Religion & Spirituality category; voting for the People's Voice Award closes April 24 →
April 4th 2014
New Directions in the Study of Prayer grantees Elizabeth Drescher and Tanya Luhrmann comment for Reader’s Digest in a story on "How and Why We Pray" →

March 2014

March 18th 2014
Religion and the Public Sphere editorial and program associate Wei Zhu reviews the new comic Ms. Marvel for Religion Dispatches magazine: "Muslim, Immigrant, Teenager . . . Superhero: How Ms. Marvel Will Save the World" →
March 12th 2014
Beyond Critique, the latest essay series at The Immanent Frame, closes with "'After the Shipwreck': Interpreting Religion in International Relations," by Gregorio Bettiza →
March 7th 2014
Jonathan VanAntwerpen, director of the programs on Religion and the Public Sphere and Digital Culture, gave the keynote address at a University of Bern conference on interdisciplinary reflections on Charles Taylor's conception of the secular: "Standing in the Open Space: Secularity, Doxa, and the Immanent Frame" →

February 2014

February 24th 2014
In the latest Off the Cuff at The Immanent Frame, respondents, including philosophy scholars Georges Leroux and Charles Taylor and law scholars Jeremy Webber and Daniel Weinstock, discuss the controversial Charter of Quebec Values →
February 18th 2014
A new series from The Immanent Frame, Beyond Critique, opens with "Three Approaches to the Study of Religion," by Cécile Laborde →
February 11th 2014
Jonathan VanAntwerpen, director of the Digital Culture program and the program on Religion and the Public Sphere, spoke at a Duke University conference on "Islamic Media: Technology and the Sacred" →
February 10th 2014
New Directions in the Study of Prayer grantee Elizabeth McAlister talked to Public Radio International about Haitian vodou and one man’s struggle to protect it from the spread of evangelicalism →

January 2014

January 29th 2014
At Reverberations, the latest installment of a series on yoga and its origins: "Is Yoga Not Even a Hundred Years Old? Part II," by Daniel Steinmetz-Jenkins →
January 22nd 2014
Editorial and program assistant Wei Zhu sheds light on an early document on religious tolerance in the American colonies in a new piece at The Immanent Frame: "The Forgotten Story of the Flushing Remonstrance" →
January 15th 2014
Writing for the London School of Economics Review of Books, Gerard Delanty calls Habermas and Religion, from the Program on Religion and the Public Sphere, "essential reading for philosophers and sociologists of religion" →
January 13th 2014
New at Reverberations: "ePrayer and Online Prayer Rituals," by Travis Cooper →
January 7th 2014
New from Polity Press: Habermas and Religion, edited by Craig Calhoun, former SSRC president and director of the London School of Economics; Eduardo Mendieta, chair of the Department of Philosophy at Stony Book University; and Jonathan VanAntwerpen, director of the Program on Religion and the Public Sphere

December 2013

December 16th 2013
At Reverberations: in response to Winnifred Fallers Sullivan's piece on "Law's Prayer: Town of Greece v Galloway," Benjamin Schonthal connects legalization issues to his own research on Sri Lanka's Tamil Tigers →

November 2013

November 20th 2013
The State of Religion in China series at The Immanent Frame continues with a piece by Mayfair Yang on the state's future influence on religious practices →
November 4th 2013
NDSP grantee Tanya Luhrmann (2012) responds to Leon Wieseltier's critique of her New York Times op-ed columns in a new piece for Reverberations

October 2013

October 29th 2013
Essays from the Immanent Frame's latest series on the state of religion in China cited by the Dish
October 23rd 2013
A new series from The Immanent Frame, The State of Religion in China, opens with essays by Thomas DuBois and André Laliberté →