February 2015

February 26th 2015
The Vietnam Program, through its Viet Nam Population Health Programme: Strategic Learning and Assessment project, organized a workshop in Hanoi to analyze data gathered in the assessment of Atlantic Philanthropies programming to improve the commune health center system in rural areas of Vietnam →

October 2014

October 14th 2014
Science magazine applauds Vietnam's successful helmet campaign, a topic covered in depth in the Vietnam Program report Helmet Day! Lessons Learned on Vietnam's Road to Healthy Behavior

May 2013

May 23rd 2013
Executive director Mary McDonnell and managing editor Alyson Metzger contributed a chapter to Structural Approaches in Public Health, now out from Routledge: "Helmet Day! Structural Intervention and Strategic Learning in Vietnam" →

August 2011

August 18th 2011
Executive Director Mary McDonnell co-authors “Cambios sociales en la Renovación: una visión desde la juventud" for Temas [PDF] →

June 2010

June 18th 2010
Atlantic Philanthropies covers "Helmet Day! Lessons Learned on Vietnam’s Road to Healthy Behavior" in "What We're Learning" →