Law and Public Finance

This page contains historical information and is preserved here as a matter of record. This project operated at the SSRC from 2010-08-01 to 2011-12-01.

V & M Star Steel Factory Expansion, Youngstown, Ohio

Cohesive infrastructure and energy policy is essential for ensuring that America invests in what is needed to promote competitiveness, security and opportunity. However, responsibilities for making decisions are scattered across the federal government and also the states and localities, often in sector-based silos. Many of our most innovative financing ideas and programs are rarely discussed in a holistic way. This balkanization impedes our ability to engage in the types of coordinated planning essential for sound forward-looking investment decisions. The Law & Public Finance Program, under the leadership of its Director Michael Likosky, assesses policy programs, financing devices, contractual arrangements, specific projects, and industry trends. It also provides non-fee based capacity building to public officials and other key stakeholders on innovative financing mechanisms and contractual arrangements. The Program convenes "Reinvesting in America," an ongoing public event and policy briefing series.