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Migration and Development in China: 30 Years of Experience

This page contains historical information and is preserved here as a matter of record.

With over half the world’s population living in cities, rural-urban migration and urbanization seem to be fundamental to both internal and international migration and to development. In this context, the SSRC's Migration and Development project agreed to participate in a seminar series in fall 2009 that had been organized by the British Department for International Development to mark the 30th anniversary of the beginning of economic reform in China. In collaboration with the United Nations Development Programme, the SSRC hosted a workshop on the impact of internal migration on development in China: what lessons can we learn from the Chinese experience? In attendance at our meeting were researchers from a range of social science backgrounds, as well as a number of NGO representatives and government officials. (English and Chinese language transcripts, and a summary of the main points of discussion, are now available, along with links to other seminars in the series.)


Program Director
Jennifer Holdaway