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Tracking how America is doing from the perspective of human development

Measure of America (MOA) promotes fact-based public debate about well-being and access to opportunity in the United States, focusing on three issues Americans care deeply about: health, education, and standard of living. We produce innovative reports and interactive online tools to inform and engage a wide range of audiences, including advocates, educators, philanthropists, and policymakers.

Since the project's inception in 2007, MOA's research has been used to secure stimulus funding for underserved medical clinics in Mississippi, by banks in California to better target lending in low-income communities, and more.

Our first report,The Measure of America (2008), marked the first human development report produced for the United States—and for any affluent developed nation—and featured MOA's signature life expectancy calculations for differing racial/ethnic groups, genders, and geographies. Since then, the team has produced an additional national report, as well as state reports for Louisiana (2009), Mississippi (2009), and California (2011). While national reports are funded by a matching grant from the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, other reports are funded by local donors. The first-ever county-level report, A Portrait of Marin, was commissioned by the Marin Community Foundation and released in both English and Spanish in 2012. Visit our publications page for a full list of reports and thematic briefs, and contact MOA to discuss tailored data analysis, maps, or reports for your organization.

Measure of America also offers an exciting array of interactive online tools that allow users to explore trends, manipulate data, and more. In Mapping the Measure of America, users can design their own maps using over one hundred indicators, create data charts, and download data to create their own data visualization projects. MOA has also partnered with organizations such as United Way and Opportunity Nation to create customized interactive projects and important pedagogical tools.

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