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NYC Data to Go

Interactive Tool to Map Human Need and Well-Being in the New York Metro Area

NYC Data to Go will be a groundbreaking online tool that allows users to visualize where people in need are, what resources are available to assist them, where gaps exist, and how different factors interact to shape the choices and opportunities available to them.

Measure of America’s core mission is to provide easy-to-use yet methodologically sound tools for understanding well-being, opportunity, need, and inequality. This exciting project will build upon MOA’s mapping website, online apps, and previous reports to paint a detailed portrait of America’s largest city in a new, highly interactive way.

Our goal is that by bringing together federal, state, and local data on need, resources, and outcomes in a single curated source, this project will create an unbiased, user-friendly resource for policy- and decision-makers, foundations and philanthropists, community organizations, the media, and the general public to understand the needs and assets in communities across the New York metropolitan area.