Dissertation Development Workshop - Globalizing Eurasia: Impacts on the Region and the World

October 5-7, 2010
Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies Harvard University

The Eurasia Program of the Social Science Research Council(SSRC), in partnership with Harvard University’s Kathryn W. and Shelby Cullom Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies held a three-day interdisciplinary dissertation development workshop for doctoral students focused on Globalizing Eurasia.

The conceptual frameworks associated with globalization invite questions concerning the importance of social and cultural place, the definitions of geographic and conceptual regions, and the nature of national economic institutions, environmental issues, and political identities. Workshop participants explored a number of themes, including: what factors affect Eurasia and its relationship with the world? To what extent can the conceptual frameworks of globalization enhance our understanding of Eurasia? How can the varied and complex experiences of Eurasia challenge and expand our understanding of globalization?

This workshop convened ten junior scholars interested in these questions for an intensive workshop led by a group of interdisciplinary senior scholars. Following a workshop format, the meeting provided opportunities to discuss ideas and research plans, solicit feedback from fellow dissertators and nationally known resource faculty, and enhance scholarly networks and contacts.

Resource Faculty

Linda Cook, Brown University (Political Science)

Doug Blum Providence University (Political Science

Terry Martin Harvard University (History)

Doug Rogers Yale University (Anthropology

Guest Speakers

Timothy Colton, Harvard University (Government)

Bakyt Beshimov, Harvard University (Visiting Scholar)


Oliver Bevan, Department of Government, Harvard University,“Globalization and Governance in the North Caucasus”

Mileh Egemen,^ Department of Inner Altaic Studies, Harvard University, "The Crimean War: A Global History

Phillipa Hetherington,^^Department of History, Harvard University, "Imperial Civil Rights in a Globalizing Age:Prostitution, Migration and the 'White Slavery' Panic in the Russian Empire 1890-1917

Sam Hirst, Department of History, University of Pennsylvania, “Allied Against the West: Anti-Imperialism in the Soviet Union and Turkey, 1920-1937

Erin Hofmann, Department of Sociology, University of Texas at Austin, "Gender, Social Norms, and Migration in the Republic of Georgia

Liliya Karimova,Department of Communications, University of Massachusetts-Amherstm, "Islamic Revival in the Post-Soviet Space: Performing Muslim Tatar Women’s Identities in the Central Russian Republic of Tatarstan

Masha Kirasirova, Departments of Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies (MEIS) and History, New York University, “The Eastern International: Soviet - Arab Exchanges from the Mandate Period through the Cold War, 1917 ­ 1991"

Igor Logvinenko,^^^ Department of Government, Cornell University, “Financial Liberalization and Regime Dynamics"

Lauren McCarthy, Department of Political Science, University of Wisconsin- Madison, “Trafficking (In)justice:Russian Law Enforcement’s Response to Human Trafficking

Blake Pucket, Departments of Law & Social Science/ Central Eurasian Studies, University of Indiana- Bloomington, “Exporting the Rule of Law to Central Asia"

^Citizen of Turkey, supported by Harvard University

^^Citizen on Australia, supported by Harvard University

^^^Citizen of the Russian Federation, supported by Cornell University

Funding is provided by the United States Department of State, Program for Research and Training for Eastern Europe and the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (Title VIII)