Eurasia Fellowships 2012


Pre-Dissertation Fellows

Brinton Ahlin
New York University, Anthropology
"The Impact of Hospitality on Post-Soviet Economic and Political Formations in Tajikistan"

Julian Gantt
City University of New York Graduate Center, Anthropology
"Islamic Pious Endowments in Azerbaijan: A Case Study in the Transformation of Property Relations and Ethical Communities"

Irina Levin
New York University, Anthropology
"The Long Journey Home: Citizenship, Property, and Legal Culture in the Caucasus"

Hannah Reiss
University of California- Los Angeles, Anthropology
"Social Contexts of Treatment and Care: Tuberculosis in New Tajikistan"

Igor Rubinov
Princeton University, Anthropology
"Post-Soviet migration: remaking national identities, financing national economies"

David Szakonyi
Columbia University, Political Science
"Owning Up: State Intervention in the Economies of Post-Soviet Autocracies"

Dissertation Development Fellows

Tatiana Chudakova
University of Chicago, Anthropology
"Recovering Health: Tibetan medicine, expert knowledge, and biocosmopolitics in Russia"

Krista Goff
University of Michigan, History
"What Makes a People? Nationality Policies and Soviet Structures, 1945-1968"

Malik Hassan
Harvard University, History
"Bankers and Bolsheviks: “Emerging Market” Investors in Russia, 1880-1930"

Masha Kirasirova
New York University, History and Near Eastern Studies
"The Eastern International: Soviet-Arab Exchanges from the Interwar Period to the Cold War"

Nicole Butkovich Kraus
University of Wisconsin- Madison, Sociology
"The Construction of Xenophobia in the Russian Federation"

Anna Lowry
Indiana University, Political Science
"Between Developmentalism and Patrimonialism: Exploring the Causes of Nationalization in Russia"

Anne O’Donnell
Princeton University, History
"A Noah’s Ark: Moving to Moscow, Material Life, and Information in Revolutionary Russia, 1916-1924"

Alina Polyakova
University of California- Berkeley, Sociology
"Organizing Radicalism in Civil Society: Why Radical Right Parties Succeed or Fail in Post-communist New Democracies"

Benjamin Raiklin
University of Wisconsin- Madison, History
"Towards a ‘Cult’ of the World War II Newsreel, Documentary, and Cameraman: The Development and Meaning(s) of Stalinist Documentary Filmmaking Practices"

Magdalena Stawkowski
University of Colorado- Boulder, Anthropology
"Radioactive Knowledge: State Control of Scientific Information in Post-Soviet Kazakhstan"

Post-Doctoral Research Fellows

Ina Ganguli
Stockholm School of Economics, Economics
"Science and Innovation Across Borders: Consequences of the Russian Brain Drain"

Ora John Reuter
University of Rochester, Skalny Center
"Elite Mobility and Authoritarian Institutions in Post-Soviet Russia"

Victoria Smolkin-Rothrock
Wesleyan University, History
"’A Sacred Space is Never Empty’: Scientific Atheism, Socialist Rituals, and the Soviet Way of Life, 1954-1991"

Mustafa Tuna
Duke University, History
"Imperial Russia’s Muslims: Islam, Empire, and European Modernity in the Volga-Ural Heartland, 1788-1917"