New Directions in the Study of Prayer Grantees

Mark Aveyard, American University of Sharjah
“Prayer as an Embodied Cognitive Activity”

Anderson Blanton, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
“Prayer Cloths, or, the Materiality of Divine Communication”

Fenella Cannell, London School of Economics
“Prayer Lives and ‘Family Piety’: Genealogists, Soldiers and Cathedrals in Contemporary England”

Thomas Csordas, University of California, San Diego
“Hammering the Devil with Prayer (Prayer to Relieve Affliction from Evil Spirits)”

Elizabeth Drescher, Santa Clara University
“Praying Between the Lines: The Prayer Practices of Religious Nones”

Shira Gabriel, State University of New York, Buffalo
“The Relationship Between Automatic and Deliberate Cognitions and Prayer”

Parvis Ghassem-Fachandi, Rutgers University
“An Ethnography of Religious Labor in an Indian Muslim Community”

Jeremy Ginges, The New School
“Collective Prayer and Parochial Altruism”

Leor Halevi, Vanderbilt University
“Machines and Prayers: The Transformation of Islam in the Modern Era”

Nicholas Harkness, Harvard University
“T'ongsŏng Kido and the Culture of Prayerful Sociality in South Korean Christianity”

Sonja Luehrmann, Simon Fraser University
“Sensory Spirituality: Prayer as Transformative Practice in Eastern Christianity”

Tanya Luhrmann, Stanford University
“Do Different Understandings of the Mind Affect the Experience of Prayer?”

Peter Manseau, Freelance Journalist

Ruth Marshall, University of Toronto
“Moving Heaven and Earth: Prayer as Political Praxis in Global Pentecostalism”

Elizabeth McAlister, Wesleyan University
“Understanding Aggressive Prayer Forms in Evangelicalism and Afro-Atlantic Religion: Warfare Prayer, Imprecatory Prayer, and Malediction (Speaking Evil) Across the U.S. and Haiti”

Savitri Medhatul, Freelance Journalist
“Prayer Practices of First Generation Neo-Charismatic Christians in India (A Documentary Film on their Prayer Practices and the Significance of Prayer in their Lives)”

John Modern, Franklin and Marshall College
“Prayer Machines: Case Studies in a Secular Age”

Sanal Mohan, Mahatma Gandhi University
“From the Lord’s Prayer to Invoking Slavery Through Prayers: Religious Practices of Dalits in Kerala, India”

Ebenezer Obadare, University of Kansas
“Repertoires of Devotion: Prayer and the Rise of Charismatic Islam”

Robert Orsi, Northwestern University
“From Surviving to Thriving: Religion, Spirituality, and Prayer Among Adults Sexually Abused as Children by Priests”

Fareen Parvez, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
“Prayers of Healing and Supplication: Islam and the Struggle for ‘Pure’ Faith”

Rebekah Richert, University of California, Riverside
“The Role of Prayer in the Development of Religious Cognition”

Don Seeman, Emory University
“Neighborhood Mystics: Contemplative Prayer and Ethical Subjectivity in Contemporary Chabad”

Emma-Kate Symons, Freelance Journalist

Mark Taylor, Institute for Religion, Culture and Public Life, Columbia University
“Rethinking Religion: Prayer from Antiquity to Modernity”

Stephen Teiser, Princeton University
“Prayer for Healing in Chinese Buddhism”

Henry Wellman, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
“Investigating the Cognitive and Cultural Foundations of Prayer”

Christine Wicker, Freelance Journalist


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