2013 Postdoctoral Fellowship for Transregional Research: Inter-Asian Contexts and Connections

Fellows 2013-2014

Susan Andrews
Assistant Professor, Theology and Religious Studies, Saint Joseph’s University
Replicating Replicas: The Creation of the Pan-Asian Mount Wutai Cult in pre-fourteenth century China, Korea, and Japan

Tuna Artun
Assistant Professor, History, Rutgers University
Out of Rum: Ottoman Alchemical Tradition in its Trans-Imperial Context

Fahad Bishara
Assistant Professor, History, College of William & Mary
Monsoon Travelers: Dhows and the Trading Worlds of the Indian Ocean, c. 1800-1960

Laura Elder
Assistant Professor, Global Studies, St. Mary’s College Notre Dame
Greening the Glass Ceiling: Gender and Islamic Financialization

Andrew Hao
Postdoctoral Fellow, The Wharton School & Lecturer, Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania
Making Inter-Asian "Ethical Capitalism": Corporate Social Responsibility, Moral Mappings, and Networks of Expertise between China and Singapore

Michael Hathaway
Assistant Professor, Anthropology & Sociology, Simon Fraser University
Emerging Matsutake Worlds: Markets, Science, and Nature in Asia

Natalie Koch
Assistant Professor, Geography, Syracuse University
Spectacular Capital Cities of the Persian Gulf and Central Asia : Toward an Urban Geopolitics

Darryl Li
Postdoctoral Research Scholar, Committee on Global Thought, Columbia University
We, Mercenaries: Migrants and Militaries Across the Indian Ocean

Johan Mathew
Assistant Professor, History and Economics, University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Margins of the Market: Trafficking and the Framing of Colonial Capitalism in the Arabian Sea

Wazhmah Osman
Assistant Professor, Temple University
Global Reverberations and Mass Mediations in the Afghan Culture Wars

Jason Petrulis
Research Associate, Colby College
Wig: The Story of an Asian Cold War Commodity, 1958-1979

Sanjay Ruparelia
Assistant Professor, Politics, The New School for Social Research
Demanding a Right to Basic Social Welfare: Contesting the Law in India and China

Nadav Samin
Fellow, Institute for the Transregional Study of the Contemporary Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia (TRI), Princeton University
You Are Not My Cousin: Genealogy, Migration, and Historical Memory in the Arab Gulf

Kevin Schwartz
Postdoctoral Fellow, Roshan Institute for Persian Studies, University of Maryland
Migration of Poets, Movement of Texts: The Persian Tazkirah in Iran, Central, and South Asia, 1800-1900

Magid Shihade
Research Associate Middle East / South Asia Studies Program, University of California, Davis
Settler Colonialism, Memory, Mobility, Space, and Identity among Palestinians in Israel

Nianshen Song
Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow, History, Vassar College
My Land, My People: Discourses and Practices of the Tumen River Demarcation, 1860s – 1910s

Xiaobo Su
Assistant Professor, Geography, University of Oregon
Profit, Responsibility, and the Moral Economy of Chinese Transnational Agribusiness in Laos and Myanmar

Eren Tasar
Assistant Professor of History at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Islam across the Iron Curtain: Muslim social experience in the twentieth century Turkic-Iranian World

Yuanfei Wang
Visiting Scholar, Department of East Asian Languages and Literatures, Columbia University
Genre and Empire: Historical Romance and 16th-Century Chinese Cultural Fantasies