Privatization of Risk Project

Improving the analysis of problems of risk, markets, and public policy

This page contains historical information and is preserved here as a matter of record.

Jacob Hacker (left), who is co-editing the Privatization of Risk book series with Craig Calhoun, speaks about his health care proposal with Michael Lind of New America Foundation (May 2009).

Thirty years of privatization and similar efforts to replace public institutions with private sector mechanisms have shifted the burden of life's many risks disproportionately onto those without substantial private wealth. The impact of this policy has been seen not only in the response to natural disasters and plans for "homeland security" but also with respect to pensions and social security, the availability of health insurance and health care, and the stability of financial institutions and markets. The SSRC's Privatization of Risk Project, led by Jacob Hacker and Craig Calhoun, seeks to deepen our understanding of the causes and consequences of risk privatization in America and to develop concrete policy solutions for reducing financial insecurity, repairing the country's social safety net, and protecting American families and workers. Based on our online essay forum, we are producing a series of edited volumes on the timely topics of health, unemployment, pensions, and bailouts. Go to Privatization of Risk Series page.
Project Leader and Series Editor
Craig Calhoun
Planning Committee