Beyond Ethnicity

ed. William Rogers Brubaker

Journal article written by 2007 DPDF Rethinking Europe: Religion, Ethnicity, Nation codirector Rogers Brubaker in Ethnic and Racial Studies.

The 'comparative analytic of ethnic forms' developed in Andreas Wimmer's Ethnic Boundary Making makes a major contribution towards specifying why ethnicity matters to different degrees and in different ways in differing social and historical contexts. My comment raises two issues for discussion. I question whether nationhood can be fully subsumed under the overarching rubric of ethnicity. And I suggest that there may be a certain cost to stretching the undeniably fruitful boundary metaphor too far. I conclude by noting that the processes analysed in the book are in no way specific to ethnicity, and that the book points beyond ethnicity to a broader theory of the making and unmaking of groups.

Published: Taylor & Francis, March 2014

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Citation: "Beyond Ethnicity," , ed. William Rogers Brubaker (Taylor & Francis, March 2014),, 37, 5, 804-808.

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