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    31 Flavors of Inclusionary Zoning: Comparing Policies From San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Suburban Boston

    Publication by Jenny Schuetz, Vicki Been and DPDF 2007 The Political Economy of Redistribution Fellow Rachel Meltzer. Over the past several decades, inclusionary zoning (IZ) has become an increasingly popular, but sometimes controversial, local means of producing affordable hous…

    Contributors Been, Vicki, Meltzer, Rachel, Schuetz, Jenny Publisher Taylor & Francis, 2009

  • 2. Publications & Writing

    A World of Experts: Science and Global Environmental Constitutionalism

    Publication by DPDF 2008 Critical Studies of Science & Technology Policy Research Director Sheila S. Jasanoff. Under conditions of conflict and uncertainty, forging a new constitutional consensus is a monumental task. If we hope to address climate change through a new global cons…

    Author Jasanoff, Sheila S. Publisher Boston College

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    Aerospaces: Southern California architecture in a cold war world

    Journal article by 2010 DPDF Spaces of Inquiry codirector Stuart W. Leslie in History and Technology: An International Journal. Architect Albert C. Martin, Jr.’s aerospace laboratories and manufacturing complexes, along with the residential developments surrounding them, visual…

    Publisher Routledge, 2014

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    "All Distinctions are Political, Artifical" The Fuzzy Logic of M.F. Husain

    Written by DPDF 2008 Muslim Modernities Research Director, Bruce Lawrence. Few modern artists so consistently embodied a fuzzy logic of their own as did the Indian painter Maqbool Fida Husain (1915 – 2011). His critics tried to define him as a reckless defamer of Hindu values,…

    Author Lawrence, Bruce Publisher Duke University Press

  • 5. Publications & Writing

    An inconvenient dataset: bias and inappropriate inference with the multilevel model

    Authored by DPDF 2010 Discrimination Studies co-director, Samuel R. Lucas. The multilevel model has become a staple of social research. I textually and formally explicate sample design features that, I contend, are required for unbiased estimation of macro-level multilevel model…

    Publisher Springer Publications

  • 6. Publications & Writing

    Back Story: Migration, Assimilation, and Invasion in the Nineteenth Century

    Chapter written by DPDF 2008 Animal Studies codirector Harriet Ritvo in Rethinking Invasion Ecologies from the Environmental Humanities, ed. by Jodi Frawley and Iain McCalman. Research from a humanist perspective has much to offer in interrogating the social and cultural ramifica…

    Publisher Routledge, 2014

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    Beef Colonialism and the Blackfeet Reservation Slaughterhouse, 1879-1895

    Publication by DPDF 2008 Animal Studies Fellow Michael Wise. In 1884, the U.S. Office of Indian Affairs (OIA) built a slaughterhouse on the Blackfeet Reservation. Over the next decade, the slaughterhouse instituted profound changes in Blackfeet foodways. Trading work for prepare…

    Author Wise, Michael Publisher Duke University Press, 2011

  • 8. Publications & Writing

    Beyond Ethnicity

    Journal article written by 2007 DPDF Rethinking Europe: Religion, Ethnicity, Nation codirector Rogers Brubaker in Ethnic and Racial Studies. The 'comparative analytic of ethnic forms' developed in Andreas Wimmer's Ethnic Boundary Making makes a major contribution towards specifyi…

    Publisher Taylor & Francis, 2014

  • 9. Publications & Writing

    Beyond the existence proof: ontological conditions, epistemological implications, and in-depth interview research

    Authored by DPDF 2010 Discrimination Studies co-director, Samuel R. Lucas In-depth interviewing is a promising method. Alas, traditional in-depth interview sample designs prohibit generalizing. Yet, after acknowledging this limitation, in-depth interview studies generalize anyway…

    Publisher Springer Publications

  • 10. Publications & Writing

    Blood and the Brain

    Authored by DPDF 2009 Cultures & Histories of the Human Sciences co-Director, Emily Martin. In everyday Euro-American understandings, blood is both vital and dangerous to the brain. Why, then, are there virtually no illustrations of the brain in contemporary neuroscience that inc…

    Author Martin, Emily Publisher Royal Anthropological Institute, 2013