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    31 Flavors of Inclusionary Zoning: Comparing Policies From San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Suburban Boston

    Publication by Jenny Schuetz, Vicki Been and DPDF 2007 The Political Economy of Redistribution Fellow Rachel Meltzer. Over the past several decades, inclusionary zoning (IZ) has become an increasingly popular, but sometimes controversial, local means of producing affordable housi…

    Contributors Been, Vicki, Meltzer, Rachel, Schuetz, Jenny Publisher Taylor & Francis, 2009

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    A Business Without a Future? The Parisian Vidéo-Club, Past and Present

    Article written by 2007 DPDF Visual Culture Fellow and 2009 IDRF Fellow Brian Jacobson and Joshua Neves, featured in Media Fields Journal, Issue 8: Almost eighty-five years after the cinématographe created a flurry of enthusiasm for cinema on the Grands Boulevards, Paris’s fir…

    Author Jacobson, Brian Publisher University of California, Santa Barbara, 2010

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    A Cloudburst in Venice: Fred Kabotie and the U.S. Pavilion of 1932

    Essay written by 2009 DPDF Empires of Vision Fellow and 2011 IDRF Fellow Jessica L. Horton, featured in American Art, Volume 29, No. 1: This essay reevaluates the early paintings of Hopi artist Fred Kabotie (ca. 1900–1986) in light of their forgotten inclusion in the U.S. Pavil…

    Author Horton, Jessica L. Publisher University of Chicago Press, 2015

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    A Coincidence of Desires: Anthropology, Queer Studies, Indonesia

    In A Coincidence of Desires, 1997 IDRF Fellow and 2010 DPDF Virtual Worlds Research Director Tom Boellstorff considers how interdisciplinary collaboration between anthropology and queer studies might enrich both fields. For more than a decade he has visited Indonesia, both as an…

    Author Boellstorff, Tom Publisher Duke University Press, 2007

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    A Cross-Atlantic Dialogue: The Progress of Research and Theory in the Study of International Migration

    Organized by the SSRC International Migration Program in collaboration with the Center for Migration and Development at Princeton University. Research advances related to a number of selected themes in both Europe and the United States. The articles included in this issue were or…

    Contributors Alejandro Portes (Editor), DeWind, Josh Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2004

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    A Glass Half Full? Gender in Migration Studies

    Article written by 2011 DPDF Migration and Gender Studies Research Directors Katharine M. Donato and Donna Gabaccia, Jennifer Holdaway, Martin Manalansan IV, and Patricia R. Pessar: This special issue of the International Migration Review presents the findings of the SSRC’s Wor…

    Contributors Gabaccia, Donna, Donato, Katharine, Jennifer Holdaway (Editor), Martin Manalansan (Editor), Patricia Pessar (Editor) Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2006

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    A Sociological Dilemma: Race, Segregation and US Sociology

    Article written by 2013 DPDF Postcolonial Identities and Decolonial Struggles: Creolization and Colored Cosmopolitanism Research Director Gurminder Bhambra, featured in Current Sociology, Volume 62, No. 4: US sociology has been historically segregated in that, at least until the…

    Author Bhambra, Gurminder Publisher SAGE Publications, 2014

  • 8. Publications & Writing

    A World of Experts: Science and Global Environmental Constitutionalism

    Publication by DPDF 2008 Critical Studies of Science & Technology Policy Research Director Sheila S. Jasanoff. Under conditions of conflict and uncertainty, forging a new constitutional consensus is a monumental task. If we hope to address climate change through a new global cons…

    Author Jasanoff, Sheila S. Publisher Boston College, 2013

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    Administrative Unit Proliferation

    Article written by 2007 DPDF The Political Economy of Redistribution Fellow Guy Grossman and Janet I. Lewis: Numerous developing countries have substantially increased their number of subnational administrative units in recent years. The literature on this phenomenon is, nonethel…

    Author Grossman, Guy Publisher American Political Science Association, 2014

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    Aerospaces: Southern California Architecture in a Cold War World

    Journal article by 2010 DPDF Spaces of Inquiry co-director Stuart W. Leslie in History and Technology: An International Journal. Architect Albert C. Martin, Jr.’s aerospace laboratories and manufacturing complexes, along with the residential developments surrounding them, visua…

    Author Leslie, Stuart W. Publisher Routledge, 2014