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    Chaos, Violence, Dynasty: Politics and Islam in Central Asia

    In the post-Soviet era, democracy has made little progress in Central Asia. In Chaos, Violence, Dynasty, 2006 Title VIII Eurasia Program Teaching Award recipient Eric McGlinchey presents a compelling comparative study of the divergent political courses taken by Kyrgyzstan, Uzbeki…

    Author McGlinchey, Eric Publisher University of Pittsburgh Press, 2011

  • 2. Publications & Writing

    Cows, Kin, and Globalization: An Ethnography of Sustainability

    …1999 IDRF Fellow Susan Alexandra Crate presents the first cultural ecological study of a Siberian people: the Viliui Sakha, contemporary horse and cattle agropastoralists in northeastern Siberia. The author links the local and global economic forces, and provides an intimate view…

    Author Crate, Susan A Publisher Alta Mira Press

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    Disability and Mobile Citizenship in Postsocialist Ukraine

    Title VIII Eurasia Program Post-Doctoral Award recipient Sarah Phillips examines the struggles of disabled persons in Ukraine and the other former Soviet states to secure their rights during the tumultuous political, economic, and social reforms of the last two decades. Through p…

    Author Phillips, Sarah Publisher Indiana University Press

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    Free Market Tuberculosis: Managing Epidemics in Post-Soviet Georgia

    The Soviet health care infrastructure and its tuberculosis-control system were anchored in biomedicine, but the dire resurgence of tuberculosis at the end of the twentieth century changed how experts in post-Soviet nations--and globally--would treat the disease. As Free Market T…

    Author Koch, Erin Publisher Vanderbilt University Press, 2013

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    Homeland Conceptions and Ethnic Integration Among Kazakhstan’s Germans and Koreans (Mellen Studies in Geography, V. 13)

    Through comparative analysis of the reactions of Kazakhstan’s Germans and Koreans to the emergence of an independent Republic of Kazakhstan, 2001 IDRF Fellow Alexander Diener’s book enhances understanding of first, the conflicting dynamics of socio-political integration in po…

    Author Diener, Alexander Colman Publisher Edwin Mellen Press, 2004

  • 6. Publications & Writing

    Housing the New Russia

    In Housing the New Russia, Jane R. Zavisca examines Russia's attempts to transition from a socialist vision of housing, in which the government promised a separate, state-owned apartment for every family, to a market-based and mortgage-dependent model of home ownership. In 1992,…

    Author Zavisca, Jane Publisher Cornell University Press, 2012

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    Red to Green: Environmental Activism in Post-Soviet Russia

    Environmental activism in contemporary Russia exemplifies both the promise and the challenge facing grassroots politics in the post-Soviet period. In the late Soviet period, Russia's environmental movement was one of the country's most dynamic and effective forms of social activi…

    Author Henry, Laura Publisher Cornell University Press

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    Representation Through Taxation: Revenue, Politics, and Development in Postcommunist States

    …2001 IDRF Fellow Scott Gehlbach’s Representation Through Taxation challenges the conventional wisdom that politicians favor groups that are organized over those that are not. Gehlbach uses the postcommunist experience to challenge the traditional emphasis on collective action,…

    Author Gehlbach, Scott Publisher Cambridge University Press, 2008

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    Secularism Soviet Style: Teaching Atheism and Religion in a Volga Republic

    Sonja Luehrmann (2007 Eurasia Program Dissertation Fellow) explores the Soviet atheist effort to build a society without gods or spirits and its afterlife in post-Soviet religious revival. Combining archival research on atheist propaganda of the 1960s and 1970s with ethnographic…

    Author Luehrmann, Sonja Publisher Indiana University Press, 2011

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    The Old Faith and the Russian Land: A Historical Ethnography of Ethics in the Urals

    The Old Faith and the Russian Land is a historical ethnography that charts the ebbs and flows of ethical practice in a small Russian town over three centuries. The town of Sepych was settled in the late seventeenth century by religious dissenters who fled to the forests of the Ur…

    Publisher Cornell University Press, 2009