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    A Cross-Atlantic Dialogue: The Progress of Research and Theory in the Study of International Migration

    Organized by the SSRC International Migration Program in collaboration with the Center for Migration and Development at Princeton University. Research advances related to a number of selected themes in both Europe and the United States. The articles included in this issue were or…

    Contributors Alejandro Portes (Editor), DeWind, Josh Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2004

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    A Glass Half Full? Gender in Migration Studies

    Article written by 2011 DPDF Migration and Gender Studies Research Directors Katharine M. Donato and Donna Gabaccia, Jennifer Holdaway, Martin Manalansan IV, and Patricia R. Pessar: This special issue of the International Migration Review presents the findings of the SSRC’s Wor…

    Contributors Gabaccia, Donna, Donato, Katharine, Jennifer Holdaway (Editor), Martin Manalansan (Editor), Patricia Pessar (Editor) Publisher John Wiley & Sons, 2006

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    Darfurians in South Sudan: Negotiating Belonging in Two Sudans

    …“Darfurians in South Sudan: Negotiating Belonging in Two Sudans” is about the construction of citizenship, identities and belonging at a moment of profound political change: the secession of South Sudan from the Republic of Sudan (Sudan or North Sudan) that took place on 9 Ju…

    Author International Refugee Rights Initiative Read online Download PDF

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    Going Home or Staying Home? Ending Displacement for Burundian Refugees in Tanzania

    Widespread ethnic violence in 1972 in Burundi forced many Hutus to flee to Tanzania. Refugees for more than three decades, they are now facing a difficult choice: repatriate to Burundi or become Tanzanian citizens. This SSRC working paper examines the factors influencing their de…

    Author International Refugee Rights Initiative Read online Download PDF

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    I Don't Know Where to Go

    Less than two weeks after the announced closure of Tanzania's last refugee camp for Burundians, the Centre for the Study of Forced Migration and the International Refugee Rights Initiative launched a report, "'I Don't Know Where to Go': Burundian Refugees in Tanzania Under Pressu…

    Author International Refugee Rights Initiative Read online Download PDF

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    Immigrant Faiths: Transforming Religious Life in America

    Contributors Jennifer Holdaway (Editor), Karen I. Leonard (Editor), Alex Stepick (Editor), Manuel Arturo Vasquez (Editor) Publisher AltaMira, 2006

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    Immigrant Life in the U.S.: Multi-Disciplinary Perspectives

    Contributors Donna Gabaccia (Editor), Colin Wayne Leach (Editor) Publisher Routledge, 2003

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    Immigration Research for a New Century: Multidisciplinary Perspectives

    Sponsored by the International Migration Program. Buy from Amazon.

    Contributors Nancy Foner (Editor), Ruben G. Rumbaut (Editor), Steven J Gold (Editor) Publisher Russell Sage Foundation, 2003

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    Immigration and Religion in America: Comparative and Historical Perspectives

    An outcome of the SSRC working group on Immigration, Religion and Civil Life, this volume brings together the perspectives of leading scholars of migration and religion. Religion has played a crucial role in American immigration history as an institutional resource for migrants 

    Contributors Richard Alba (Editor), Albert Raboteau (Editor), Josh DeWind (Editor) Publisher New York University Press, 2008

  • 10. Publications & Writing

    International Migration Review, special issue on "Immigrant Adaptation and Native-Born Responses in the Making of Americans"

    Contributors Josh DeWind (Editor), Charles Hirschman (Editor), Philip Kasinitz (Editor)