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    Produced in conjunction with the Social Science Research Council's work on spirituality, political engagement, and public life, and the result of a collaboration between The Immanent Frame and Killing the Buddha, Frequencies is an experiment in which a broad group of writers, sch…

    Contributors Kathryn Lofton (Editor), John Lardas Modern (Editor)

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    Habermas and Religion

    To the surprise of many readers, Jürgen Habermas has recently made religion a major theme of his work. Emphasizing both religion’s prominence in the contemporary public sphere and its potential contributions to critical thought, Habermas’s engagement with religion has been c…

    Contributors Craig Calhoun (Editor), Eduardo Mendieta (Editor), Jonathan VanAntwerpen (Editor) Publisher Polity Press, 2013

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    Religion, Development, and the United Nations

    In 2011, the Social Science Research Council (SSRC), the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), and the Interfaith Center of New York (ICNY) convened a series of consultations that brought together representatives of various agencies of the United Nations, leaders of faith-based…

    Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2012 Read online Download PDF

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    Religion, Media, and the Digital Turn

    This report by Christopher D. Cantwell and Hussein Rashid begins to document some of the impact that digital modes of research and publication have had on the study of religion. The report, supported by funding from the Henry Luce Foundation is a snapshot of an ever-evolving digi…

    Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2015 Read online Download PDF

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    Religious Engagements of American Undergraduates Essay Forum

    Recent studies of college students' attitudes toward religion suggest that the academy is no longer the bastion of secularism it was once assumed to be. And these studies further reveal that the spiritual landscape on today's college campuses is virtually unrecognizable from what…

    Contributors Armstrong, Elizabeth (Contributor), Courtney Bender (Contributor), Braskamp, Larry A. (Contributor), Bryant, Alyssa N. (Contributor), Clydesdale, Tim (Contributor), Connor, W Robert (Contributor), Ecklund, Elaine Howard (Contributor), Gross, Neil (Contributor), Kim, Rebecca Y. (Contributor), Kurien, Prema (Contributor), Mayrl, Damon W (Contributor), Mubarak, Hadia (Contributor), Perry, Evelyn M. (Contributor), Regnerus, Mark D (Contributor), Schmalzbauer, John A (Contributor), Sherkat, Darren (Contributor), Simmons, Solon (Contributor), Speers, Samuel (Contributor), Uecker, Jeremy E. (Contributor), Winston, Diane (Contributor), Wolfe, Alan (Contributor), Wuthnow, Robert (Contributor) Publisher Social Science Research Council, 2007

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    Rethinking Religion and World Affairs

    In recent years, the role of religion in the study and conduct of international affairs has become increasingly important. The essays in this volume seek to question and remedy the problematic neglect of religion in extant scholarship, grappling with puzzles, issues, and question…

    Contributors Timothy Samuel Shah (Editor), Alfred Stepan (Editor), Monica Duffy Toft (Editor) Publisher Oxford University Press, 2012

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    Rethinking Secularism

    Coedited by Craig Calhoun, Mark Juergensmeyer, and Jonathan VanAntwerpen, this volume aims to help reframe discussions of religion in the social sciences by drawing attention to the central issue of how “the secular” is constituted and understood, and how new understandings s…

    Contributors Craig Calhoun (Editor), Mark Juergensmeyer (Editor), Jonathan VanAntwerpen (Editor) Publisher Oxford University Press, 2011

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    The Immanent Frame

    The Immanent Frame is a collective blog established in conjunction with projects on religion & the public sphere at the Social Science Research Council.

    Contributors Adcock, Cassie (Contributor), Adelman, Howard (Contributor), Agrama, Hussein Ali (Contributor), Ahn, Juhn (Contributor), Albanese, Catherine L. (Contributor), Allen, Sarah (Contributor), Altinordu, Ates (Contributor), Amesbury, Richard (Guest Editor), Amien, Waheeda (Contributor), Ammerman, Nancy (Contributor), Anderson, Jon W. (Contributor), Anidjar, Gil (Contributor), An-Na'im, Abdulahi Ahmed (Contributor), Appadurai, Arjun (Contributor), Scott Appleby (Contributor), Arjomand, Said Amir (Contributor), Aronowicz, Annette (Contributor), Asad, Talal (Contributor), Ayers, William (Contributor), Badran, Margot (Contributor), Balfour, Lawrie (Contributor), Bamyeh, Mohammed (Contributor), Banchoff, Thomas (Contributor), Bangstad, Sindre (Contributor), Barnett, Michael N. (Contributor), Barnett, Robert J. (Contributor), Barrett, Justin (Contributor), Bartholomew, Richard (Contributor), Beaman, Lori G. (Contributor), Bellah, Robert N (Contributor), Courtney Bender (Contributor), Courtney Bender (Contributor), Bennett, Jane (Contributor), Berkwitz, Stephen (Contributor), Bhargava, Rajeev (Contributor), Bialecki, Jon (Contributor), Biles, Jeremy (Contributor), Bilgrami, Akeel (Contributor), Bivins, Jason (Contributor), Blankholm, Joseph L. (Guest Editor), Blanton, Ward (Contributor), Bob, Clifford (Contributor), Boroujerdi, Mehrzad (Contributor), Bortolini, Matteo (Contributor), Bowen, John R. (Contributor), Boy, John D. (Guest Editor), Bradley, Gerard V. (Contributor), Braunstein, Ruth (Guest Editor), Brawner, Lydia (Contributor), Brintnall, Kent (Contributor), Brown, Marshall (Contributor), Brown, Wendy (Contributor), Bulkeley, Kelly (Contributor), Bulliet, Richard (Contributor), Busto, Rudy (Contributor), Butler, Anthea (Contributor), Butler, Jon (Contributor), Cadge, Wendy (Contributor), Cahill, Lisa Sowle (Contributor), Calhoun, Craig (Contributor), Campbell, David E. (Contributor), Campbell, Heidi (Contributor), Carlson, John D. (Contributor), Carpenter, Joel (Contributor), Carter, J. Kameron (Contributor), Carter, Joe (Contributor), Casanova, José (Contributor), Case, Mary Anne (Contributor), Castelli, Elizabeth (Contributor), Cesari, Jocelyne (Contributor), Chakrabarty, Dipesh (Contributor), Chambers, Simone (Contributor), Chan-Malik, Sylvia (Contributor), Chatterjee, Nadini (Contributor), Chernus, Ira (Contributor), Cho, Francisca (Contributor), Cladis, Mark (Contributor), Clarkson, Frederick (Contributor), Clydesdale, Tim (Contributor), Cobb Jr., John B. (Contributor), Coleman, Simon (Contributor), Coles, Romand (Contributor), Connolly, William E. (Contributor), Coontz, Stephanie (Contributor), Cortes Jr., Ernesto (Contributor), Cox, Harvey (Contributor), Curtis IV, Edward E. (Contributor), Curtis, Finbarr (Contributor), Danchin, Peter (Contributor), Das, Veena (Contributor), Dayan, Colin (Contributor), de Vries, Hent (Contributor), den Dulk, Kevin (Contributor), Devji, Faisal (Contributor), Dillon, Michele (Contributor), Domke, David (Contributor), Donaldson, Mara E. (Contributor), Doniger, Wendy (Contributor), Dorrien, Gary (Contributor), Drescher, Elizabeth (Contributor), Dressler, Markus (Contributor), Duane, Laura (Contributor), Dumm, Thomas L. (Contributor), During, Simon (Contributor), Eberle, Christopher (Contributor), Ecklund, Elaine Howard (Contributor), Edgell, Penny (Contributor), Eissenstat, Howard Lee (Contributor), Elisha, Omri (Contributor), Embree, Ainslie T. (Contributor), Engelke, Mathew (Contributor), English, Deirdre (Contributor), Esposito, John L. (Contributor), Evans, John H. (Contributor), Ewing, Katherine Pratt (Contributor), Farr, Thomas (Contributor), Fassin, Eric (Contributor), Feldman, Noah R (Contributor), Fessenden, Tracy (Contributor), Field, Brent A. (Contributor), Fischer, Claude (Contributor), Fitzgerald, Timothy (Contributor), Friedman, Edward (Contributor), Furey, Constance (Contributor), Ganguly, Sumit (Contributor), Gans, Herbert J. (Contributor), Garrigan, Siobhán (Contributor), Charles Gelman (Guest Editor), Geroulanos, Stefanos (Contributor), Geroux, Robert (Contributor), Ghannam, Farha (Contributor), Gibson, David (Contributor), Gitlin, Todd (Contributor), Glaude, Eddie (Contributor), Göle, Nilüfer (Contributor), Gordon, Peter Eli (Contributor), Philip S. Gorski (Contributor), Gottlieb, Roger S. (Contributor), Gourgouris, Stathis (Contributor), Green, M. Christian (Contributor), Greenfield, Nicole (Guest Editor), Griffin, Leslie (Contributor), Guhin, Jeffrey J (Contributor), Guilhot, Nicolas (Contributor), Gulli, Bruno (Contributor), Gunn, Giles (Contributor), Hackett, Conrad (Contributor), Haefeli, Evan (Contributor), Han, Sam (Contributor), Hardison-Moody, Annie (Guest Editor), Harvey, Paul (Contributor), Hashemi, Nader (Contributor), Heath, Melanie Ann (Contributor), Hefner, Robert (Contributor), Heider, George C. (Contributor), Herdt, Jennifer A. (Contributor), Herrnstein Smith, Barbara (Contributor), Hertzke, Allen D. (Contributor), Hirschkind, Charles (Contributor), Hollinger, David A. (Contributor), Hoover, Stewart (Contributor), Hopgood, Stephen (Contributor), Hopkins, Dwight N. (Contributor), Horton, Michael S. (Contributor), Hout, Michael (Contributor), Howell, Brian Michael (Contributor), Huq, Samia (Contributor), Inboden, William Charles (Contributor), Jackson, Jr., John L. (Contributor), Jackson, Sherman (Contributor), Jager, Colin (Contributor), Jakelić, Slavica (Contributor), Jakobsen, Janet R. (Contributor), Jelks, Randal Maurice (Contributor), Joas, Hans (Contributor), Johnson, Gregory (Contributor), Johnson, Luke Timothy (Contributor), Johnston, David Chambliss (Contributor), Jordan, Mark D. (Contributor), Juergensmeyer, Mark (Contributor), Kadioglu, Ayse (Contributor), Kahn, Jonathon (Contributor), Kahn, Paul W. (Contributor), Kaplan, Amanda (Contributor), Karam, Azza (Contributor), Kavka, Martin (Contributor), Keane, Webb (Contributor), Kelman, Ari Y. (Contributor), Kennedy, Michael (Contributor), Kesselman, Todd (Contributor), Kim, David Kyuman (Guest Editor), Klassen, Pamela (Contributor), Klausen, Jimmy C (Contributor), Kollman, Paul (Contributor), Korb, Scott (Contributor), Kozinski, Thaddeus J. (Contributor), Kripal, Jeffrey (Contributor), Kuru, Ahmet (Contributor), Kurzman, Charles (Contributor), Laborde, Cecile (Contributor), Lafont, Cristina (Contributor), Lambek, Michael (Contributor), Landau, Paul (Contributor), Lerner, Michael (Contributor), Levander, Caroline Field (Contributor), Levine, Nancy (Contributor), Levinson, Paul (Contributor), Levinson, Sanford V. (Contributor), Levitt, Peggy (Contributor), Lichterman, Paul (Contributor), Lilla, Mark (Contributor), Lindsay, D. Michael (Contributor), Lloyd, Vincent W (Contributor), Lo, Mbaye (Contributor), Lofton, Kathryn (Contributor), Long, D. Stephen (Contributor), Lopez, Donald S. (Contributor), Louis, Jr., Bertin M. (Contributor), Ludden, David (Contributor), Lynch, Cecelia (Contributor), Madsen, Richard P. (Contributor), Mahan, Jeffrey H. (Contributor), Mahmood, Saba (Contributor), Mandair, Arvind-Pal (Contributor), Marangudakis, Manussos (Contributor), March, Andrew F. (Contributor), Marshall, John W. (Contributor), Marshall, Ruth (Contributor), Martin, Bernice (Contributor), Martin, David (Contributor), Marty, Martin E. (Contributor), Marzouki, Nadia (Contributor), Masuzawa, Tomoko (Contributor), McAlister, Elizabeth (Contributor), McAlister, Melani (Contributor), McCleary, Rachel M. (Contributor), McCloud, Aminah Beverly (Contributor), McCutcheon, Russell T. (Contributor), McGranahan, Carole (Contributor), McKenzie, William (Contributor), McRoberts, Omar (Contributor), Meadow, Tey (Contributor), Mehta, Uday (Contributor), Mendieta, Eduardo (Contributor), Metcalf, Barbara Daly (Contributor), Meyer, Birgit (Contributor), Migdal, Joel (Contributor), Milbank, John (Contributor), Miller, Patrick Lee (Contributor), Mintz, Steven (Contributor), Mitchell, Kerry (Contributor), John Lardas Modern (Contributor), Modood, Tariq (Contributor), Monod, Jean-Claude (Contributor), Mooney, Margarita Ann (Contributor), Moosa, Ebrahim (Contributor), Morgan, David (Contributor), Moustafa, Tamir M. (Contributor), Moyn, Samuel (Contributor), Nakhleh, Emile (Contributor), Nealon, Chris (Contributor), Neuman, Justin D, (Contributor), Nichols, Christopher McKnight (Contributor), Olson, Laura R. (Contributor), Orsi, Robert (Contributor), Patel, Eboo (Contributor), Pecora, Vincent P. (Contributor), Pelkmans, Mathijs (Contributor), Pellegrini, Ann (Contributor), Perrin, Andrew (Contributor), Perry, Michael J. (Contributor), Philpott, Daniel (Contributor), Pinch, William R. (Contributor), Polebaum, Jessica (Guest Editor), Posner, Sarah (Contributor), Postel, Danny (Contributor), Poulson, Stephen C. (Contributor), Povinelli, Elizabeth A. (Contributor), Prashad, Vijay (Contributor), Prodromou, Elizabeth (Contributor), Proudfoot, Wayne (Contributor), Putnam, Robert D. (Contributor), Phillip Luis Quintero (Guest Editor), Quraishi-Landes, Asifa (Contributor), Rajagopal, Arvind (Contributor), Rao, Anupama (Contributor), Raschke, Carl (Contributor), Read, Jen'nan Ghazal (Contributor), Reklis, Kathryn (Contributor), Reynolds, Justin M. (Guest Editor), Robbins, Joel (Contributor), Roof, Wade Clark (Contributor), Roy, Olivier (Contributor), Rubenstein, Mary-Jane (Contributor), Rudnyckyj, Daromir Antonovych (Contributor), Rutherford, Danilyn (Contributor), Sager, Rebecca Elizabeth (Contributor), Said, Atef Shahat (Contributor), Salaymeh, Lena (Contributor), Saler, Michael (Contributor), Salomon, Noah Daniel (Contributor), Salvatore, Armando (Contributor), Sarbacker, Stuart Ray (Contributor), Schaper, Donna (Contributor), Scherer, Matthew (Contributor), Schielke, Samuli (Contributor), Schmalzbauer, John A (Guest Editor), Schmidt, Leigh Eric (Contributor), Schneider, Nathan (Guest Editor), Schonthal, Benjamin (Contributor), Schroeder, Robyn (Contributor), Schwartz, Regina (Contributor), Scott, Joan Wallach (Contributor), Seiple, Chris (Contributor), Shaikh, Nermeen (Contributor), Shakman Hurd, Elizabeth (Contributor), Sheehan, Jonathan (Contributor), Sheppard, Christian (Contributor), Sherkat, Darren (Contributor), Shields, Jon A. (Contributor), Shulman, George (Contributor), Silk, Mark (Contributor), Singh, Nikhil Pal (Contributor), Slingerland, Edward (Contributor), Smidt, Corwin (Contributor), Smilde, David (Contributor), Smith, Christian (Contributor), Smith, James K.A. (Contributor), Smith, Jonathan Z (Contributor), Smith, Matthew N. (Contributor), Sommer, Doris (Contributor), Soni, Varum (Contributor), Stacey, Judith (Contributor), Alfred Stepan (Contributor), Stephanson, Anders (Contributor), Stephens, Randall J. (Contributor), Stevens, Jason W. (Contributor), Stout, Jeffrey (Contributor), Sullivan, Winnifred Fallers (Contributor), Surkis, Judith (Contributor), Sutton, Matthew Avery (Contributor), Taussig-Rubbo, Mateo (Contributor), Taylor, Bron (Contributor), Taylor, Charles (Contributor), Taylor, Mark C. (Contributor), Thachil, Tariq (Contributor), Thiemann, Ronald F. (Contributor), Tiitsman, Jenna (Contributor), Tønder, Lars (Contributor), Toprak, Binnaz (Contributor), Torpey, John (Contributor), Townes, Emilie M. (Contributor), Tryon, Chuck (Contributor), Turner, Bryan S (Contributor), Urbinati, Nadia (Contributor), Vaca, Daniel (Guest Editor), Vaidyanathan, Brandon (Contributor), Valiani, Arafaat (Contributor), Van Der Veer, Peter (Contributor), VanAntwerpen, Jonathan (Contributor), Vasquez, Manuel Arturo (Contributor), Vatter, Miguel (Contributor), Vinjamuri, Leslie (Contributor), Wacker, Grant (Contributor), Walker, David (Contributor), Walton, Jeremy Francis (Contributor), Walton, Jonathan L. (Contributor), Warner, Cameron David (Contributor), Warner, Michael (Contributor), Watanabe, Chika (Contributor), Webber, Jeremy (Contributor), Weiner, Isaac (Contributor), Weinstein, Aaron (Contributor), Wellman, James (Contributor), Wexler, Jay D. (Contributor), White, Christopher (Contributor), White, Jenny B. (Contributor), Whitehead, Jaye Cee (Contributor), Wilcox, Melissa (Contributor), Wilcox, W. Bradford (Contributor), Williams, Rhys H. (Contributor), Winston, Diane (Contributor), Witte, Jr., John (Contributor), Wohlrab-Sahr, Monika (Contributor), Wolterstorff, Nicholas (Contributor), Worthen, Molly (Contributor), Xiao, Yang (Contributor), Yelle, Robert Alan (Contributor), Yukich, Grace (Guest Editor), Zeghal, Malika (Contributor), Zubrzycki, Genevieve (Contributor), Jonathan VanAntwerpen (Editor)

  • 9. Publications & Writing

    The New Landscape of the Religion Blogosphere

    Blogs have given occasion to a whole new set of conversations about religion in public life. They represent a tremendous opportunity for publication, discussion, cross-fertilization, and critique of a kind never seen before. In principle, at least, the Internet offers an opportun…

  • 10. Publications & Writing

    The Post-Secular in Question: Religion in Contemporary Society

    Are we living in a post-secular world? While many have assumed that we would simply grow more secular as society modernized, there is reason to believe that there has been a religious resurgence of global dimensions in recent decades. The Post-Secular in Question considers whethe…

    Contributors Philip S. Gorski (Editor), David Kyuman Kim (Editor), John Torpey (Editor), Jonathan VanAntwerpen (Editor) Publisher NYU Press, 2012