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  • 391. Meetings & Events

    Piracy Project Workshop

    Date April 24th25th 2009 Location Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

  • 392. Meetings & Events

    2009-2010 CGP-SSRC Policy Forum on the Environment and Climate Change

    The overarching theme of this forum is the environment and climate change with a focus on issues of energy saving and the reduction of air pollution and CO2 emissions within a city-level framework. The goal of the initial Core Group Meeting held at the International House of Jap…

    Date April 19th20th 2009 Location International House, Tokyo, Japan

  • 393. Meetings & Events

    Exploring the "Post-Secular"

    There has been a great deal of talk in recent years suggesting that we have entered a “post-secular” age. But what, if anything, does the term “post-secular” even mean? Have we really entered into a post-secular age? And if so, what implications, if any, does this have f…

    Date April 3rd4th 2009 Location Henry R. Luce Hall, Yale University

  • 394. Meetings & Events

    Book Launch Panel: Pensions, Social Security, and the Privatization of Risk

    Thirty years of policies favoring private industry and the privatization of shared risks have rewritten the economic rules-of-the-road for all Americans and jeopardized the ability of Americans to plan for old age. What are the likely long-term effects of such wholesale privatiza…

    Date March 27th 2009 Location The Brookings Institution Saul/Zilkha Lounge 1775 Massachusetts Ave., NW Washington, DC 20036

  • 395. Meetings & Events

    Burundi (New York)

    Date March 4th 2009

  • 396. Meetings & Events

    Guinea (New York)

    Date March 3rd 2009

  • 397. Meetings & Events

    Democratic Republic of Congo (Paper)

    Date March 1st 2009

  • 398. Meetings & Events

    Global launch of the Final Report of the Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS (JLICA)

    The Joint Learning Initiative on Children and HIV/AIDS, a two-year, independent alliance of researchers, implementers, policy-makers, activists and people living with HIV, released its’ final report “Home Truths: Facing the Facts on Children, AIDS, and Poverty,” on 10 Febru…

    Date February 10th 2009

  • 399. Meetings & Events

    Western Sahara (New York)

    Date February 4th 2009

  • 400. Meetings & Events

    Burundi (Paper)

    Date February 1st 2009