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  • 2441. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie Maher

    Barça ou Barzakh: The Social “Elsewhere” of Failed Clandestine Migration Out of West Africa
    Over the past decade, tens of thousands of predominantly male “boat migrants” departed from Senegalese shores for Europe. As labor markets opened in Tripoli and Algiers, thousands more transited by land across North Africa. Today, however, the combined effects of surveillance…

    Year 2012 University University of Washington Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2442. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie Mc Callum

    The Veins of the Nation: Progress and Decay in Argentina's Railroad System
    Argentina has the largest railroad system in Latin America, currently encompassing 34,000 kilometers of tracks (nearly nine times the length of the country). The history of trains in Argentina is intimately tied to state-making efforts to pacify and "whiten" the nation, and to di…

    Year 2013 University University of California, Santa Cruz Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2443. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie N. Hassell

    African Slaves and the African Diaspora in Portuguese Asia, c. 1539-1750
    Enslaved Africans toiled across early modern Portugal’s Asian imperial domains within the Estado da India, which stretched from southeastern Africa to China. While we know that these African slaves were integral to the functioning and survival of the Portuguese Empire in Asia,…

    Year 2011 University Stanford University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2444. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie O'Rourke

    Bodies of Knowledge: Girodet, Fuseli, and Spectatorship at the Turn of the Nineteenth Century
    When the British writer Horace Walpole first saw Henry Fuseli’s "The Nightmare" exhibited at the Royal Academy in 1782, he used just one word to describe it: “shocking.” Although Walpole was referring to the salacious content of the painting, his description gestures to a m…

    Year 2012 University Columbia University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2445. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie O'Rourke

    Nervous Encounters: Somatic Spectatorship and Painting, 1780-1850

    Year 2011 University Columbia University Fellowship/Grant DPDF Student Fellowship Competition

  • 2446. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie Spray

    Hope's Harvest: Tactics of Survival among Nepal's Gaine
    How does hope sustain people when their resources and options in life are limited, if not exhausted? I will explore this question in the lives of the Gāine, a community of traditionally itinerant musicians in Nepal who now engage in a variety of menial jobs and tactics of surviv…

    Year 2010 University Harvard University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2447. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie Su

    Imagination of China in Early Twentieth Century Chinese and Japanese History Painting

    Year 2012 University University of Chicago Fellowship/Grant AAS-SSRC Dissertation Workshop Series

  • 2448. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephen Akoth

    Human Rights Modernities: Practices of the Luo Council of Elders in Contemporary Western Kenya

    Year 2012 University University of Western Cape Fellowship/Grant Next Generation Social Sciences in Africa: Doctoral Dissertation Completion Fellowship

  • 2449. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephen Cho Suh

    Nostalgic for the Unfamiliar: Korean American Ethnic Return Migration and Its Neoimperial Logics

    Year 2014 University University of Minnesota, Twin Cities Fellowship/Grant Korean Studies Dissertation Workshop

  • 2450. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephen Grover Covell

    Year 2001 University Princeton University Fellowship/Grant Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship