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  • 2461. Fellows & Grantees

    Yukiko Koshiro

    Year 1999 University University of Notre Dame Fellowship/Grant Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship

  • 2462. Fellows & Grantees

    Yuko Aoyama

    Entrepreneurship and Regional Culture in the Information Age: A Comparative Study of Regional Business Communities in Japan and the United States

    Year 2000 University Clark University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2463. Fellows & Grantees

    Yuko Kasuya

    Globalizing Transparency: The Causes of Freedom of Information Laws Around the World

    Year 2010 University Keio University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2464. Fellows & Grantees

    Yuko Kawanishi

    Midlife Depression and Social Interventions in the United States: Lessons for Japan

    Year 2007 University Tokyo Gakugei University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2465. Fellows & Grantees

    Yuko Nishimura

    Women and Labour Exchange in Aging Society: A Comparative Case Study in Japan and in the USA

    Year 1997 University Komazawa University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2466. Fellows & Grantees

    Yuko Okubo

    The Localization of Multicultural Education and the Second-Generation Chinese and Vietnamese Immigrants: A Comparison of Japan and the United States

    Year 2008 University National University of Singapore Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2467. Fellows & Grantees

    Yuko Suda

    Supportive Systems Which Promote Elderly Persons' Independence: A Study of Their Structure and Prospects

    Year 1993 University Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Health Gerontology Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2468. Fellows & Grantees

    Yuma Totani

    Justice in the Balance: Lessons from the Allied War Crimes Trials in the Asia-Pacific Region

    Year 2009 University University of Hawaii Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2469. Fellows & Grantees

    Yumiko Mikanagi

    Comparative Studies on the Reagan, Thatcher, and Nakasone Administrations' Policies and their Gender Bias

    Year 1998 University International Christian University Fellowship/Grant Abe Fellowship

  • 2470. Fellows & Grantees

    Yumiko T Shimabukuro

    Analyzing the Provision of Public Employment Training at the Sub-National Level: The Case of the United States and Japan

    Year 2007 University Massachusetts Institute of Technology Fellowship/Grant DPDF Student Fellowship Competition