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  • 2461. Fellows & Grantees

    Stacey A. Van Vleet

    The Efficacy of Tibetan Buddhist Medical Institutions Across the Qing Empire
    While early modern Europeans traveled by sea to establish new global networks of trade, knowledge, and political dominance, during the same period a proliferation of Tibetan Buddhist monasteries began to link the inner Asian continent more closely overland with China. This study…

    Year 2010 University Columbia University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2462. Fellows & Grantees

    Stacey Leigh Vanderhurst

    Victimizing Migrants?: Human Trafficking and Migration Management in Nigeria
    This study explores the interconnections between migration and human trafficking, including the ways the two phenomena are constructed as humanitarian problems, regulated by states concerned about their consequences, and experienced by the people who move. To examine these issues…

    Year 2010 University Brown University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2463. Fellows & Grantees

    Stefan Sperling

    Science and Conscience: Stem Cells, Bioethics, and German Citizenship

    Year 2001 University Princeton University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2464. Fellows & Grantees

    Stefanie Graeter

    Materiality, Medium, Message: Representational Politics of Lead Science in Central Peru
    Over the past decade lead contamination science emerged into Peruvian political discourse in the context of national anti-mining protests. The scientific documentation of the metal lead in human tissue, particularly that of children, provides continued evidence of Peru's national…

    Year 2012 University University of California, Davis Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2465. Fellows & Grantees

    Stefanie Israel

    Mediation and Transition: A Comparative Ethnography of Rio's Pacified Favelas
    In 2008, Rio de Janeiro began to implement a policing program known as "pacification" in select favelas throughout the city. This controversial program, part of a larger public security effort ahead of the 2014 World Cup and 2016 Summer Olympic Games, aimed to regain control of t…

    Year 2015 University University of Notre Dame Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2466. Fellows & Grantees

    Stella Nyanzi

    Queerying Peacebuilding After the Sexual Violence of War: Gendered Gaps in Implementing UNSCR 1325 and 1820

    Year 2014 University Makerere University Fellowship/Grant African Peacebuilding Network Individual Research Grants

  • 2467. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie Ann DeBoer

    Year 2006 Fellowship/Grant Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) Fellowship

  • 2468. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie Anne Savell

    Humanitarian Militarism in Everyday Lives: The Brazilian Human Security Paradigm
    This proposal outlines an ethnographic study of security, in particular the Brazilian ‘human security’ paradigm, which combines humanitarian discourses with armed interventions. Launching a vigorous bid to become the world’s ‘human security superpower,’ Brazilian troops…

    Year 2012 University Brown University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)

  • 2469. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie D. Hinnershitz

    "Building the Cultural Bridge": Chinese, Japanese, and Filipino Student Responses to Discrimination in America and Abroad, 1910-1945.

    Year 2010 University University of Maryland College Park Fellowship/Grant DPDF Student Fellowship Competition

  • 2470. Fellows & Grantees

    Stephanie Glickman

    For Profit and Power: The Dutch East India Company (VOC) and the Art of Trade, c. 1600-50
    My dissertation will offer the first comprehensive study of paintings, prints, and other cultural artefacts that were commissioned and collected in the early seventeenth century by Holland's most prominent tradesmen: officers of the Dutch East India Company (VOC). Across genres a…

    Year 2013 University Northwestern University Fellowship/Grant International Dissertation Research Fellowship (IDRF)